Guerrilla Ontology – Dec 13th – TED Lectures

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Post From An Old Blog I Just Rediscovered I Had ;) (Sex and the City 2)

So I have some friends on Blogger and I wanted to follow them.  I entered my gmail information and it popped up as “Seth Hume”.  And it caught me off guard, but then I remembered that in July of last year I started a blog on Blogger (and obviously I used it a lot since I totally forgot about it.)  But it was supposed to be a blog about the then fictional lead singer of my band “Grey Spade”.  I didn’t think Joel Nickel was a cool enough name for a glitch/industrial frontman, so I created Seth Hume. (Seth after Set the Egyptian God of Destruction and Chaos, and Hume as in David Hume the Philosopher, and Desmond from LOST) I envisioned “Grey Spade” to be more of something I could disassociate my real self from and create something completely different.  But now I like me. 😉 So I’M the lead singer of Grey Spade (even though I haven’t posted any songs with vocals yet, there are songs with vocals.  I’ve just been showing pieces from the Ouroboros – Original Score which don’t.)  Anyway … sorry, this explanation is getting long … I had begun writing blogs in the mindset of a fictional Seth Hume and here is one of them about Sex and the City 2! 🙂


So I’m still adjusting to not launching onto the stage every night and I found myself quite bored today. I don’t usually watch a whole lot of television, and when I do I watch things like Discovery Civilization, PBS or the Comedy Network but since not a whole lot was on today I found myself watching the View. 😦 I was horrified to find that the Sex and the City 2 cast were guest starring and they were talking about the costume budget for the film was 10 million dollars…10 with six zeroes behind it! That’s fucking insane…for clothes. They went through various outfits and explained how much they cost and there was this one god-awful skirt that I thought was hideous but turned out to be 10 Grand! Come on people, this is fabric and thread! There are people dying in 3rd world countries because they can’t afford to eat; and these guys pay 10 Grand for a single, ugly skirt.


So my adventures in what passes for entertainment these days did not end there. I was flipping through channels and I landed upon the Bachelorette. I have never watched any of the Bachelor or the Bachelorette shows but I know how it works, with the Rose Ceremony and all that mush, which is exactly where I came in at. This plastic, vapid woman is standing in front of this pedestal with a bunch of roses and looking all contemplative and then lists off the names of the people who still “have an opportunity to date her”. Urgh, all of it screamed insincerity. And then they had an update of a past Bachelor/Bachelorette couple who had broken up and were “talking for the first time about their separation!” That’s when I turned the channel.

What the hell is going on? Has our society become so…soulless and superficial?

On the tour bus about a month ago I read an article about how reality television and mass-media in general is making our society more inclined to regard exaggerated emotions as normal. (If I can find a link to the article I’ll post it for you.)

A prime example of this is the media’s reaction to Obama’s lack of reaction to the BP oil spill. “He’s not angry enough” “How can we trust a man who plays it so cool?”

Do you really want a commander-in-chief who flies off the handle and shows exaggerated emotion? Wouldn’t you rather have a leader who was calm and collected under pressure and who acted rather than reacted? Or maybe it’s just me.

Don’t worry Everyone, Global Warming isn’t a problem cause “God protects the Planet” … urgh …

Watching the Colbert Report tonight I was made aware of Rep John Shimkus’ comments regarding Global Warming.

How does someone so incredibly ignorant get into public office.  I know that often people will vote for politicians because of their religious values (which deeply urks me).  And speaking with people older than myself, I’ve seen a trend that they are more likely to vote for a politician who is a Church-going and devout Christian.  *Remember the outrage that Obama MIGHT have been a secret Muslim??  Which has NOTHING to do with how he would be as a President.  I think you should vote for people who believe in Science and are disinterested either way about religion and keep that in their personal life and exclude it from their political life.

Imagine what could be accomplished without dogmatic, ignorant, uneducated fuckwads running things…

What do you think?