The Erased Ones

The Erased Ones Final

The Erased Ones

Tero is a member of the Third. Threes are the slaves of the Twos and the revered, mythical Ones. Tero lives in the twelfth worker enclave near the mines and the black leaf fields where he works as a harvester. His companion, Bram works in the mines where he discovers an ancient tunnel running from the worker enclave into the mountain and as they follow tunnel they find themselves in the city of the Two’s, Atlen. Tero and Bram try to remain inconspicuous while taking part in the harvest festival behind Atlen’s walls but when they are discovered Bram is lost while trying to escape the guards and Tero is knocked unconscious. Tero awakens beyond the walls of Atlen and beyond the enclaves, even beyond the mountains and the mines, in a land called Tul where everything he thought was true will be challenged.

Read the first 17 chapters of the new novel: The Erased Ones.



NaNoWriMo – Update – “the Watchers” excerpt

this is another excerpt from the third novel in the ouroboros trilogy: the Watchers.


I could see the hospital in front of me from his place amid the charred casings of what had once been cars. Rubble and other random debris lays strewn about, ejected from buildings that surrounded the city street.  Festering bodies layered the street so completely that in places it was hard to make out the black asphalt underneath.

I shuddered.

My detached awareness felt the incredible eeriness being surrounded by so much death.  Although, my awareness realized that the body attributed an apathetic normality to the scene. Something is very wrong here, wherever it is. I realized, huddled behind the nearest blackened shell of what may have at one point been a Honda Civic, that this was Winnipeg.

“What are we waiting for?” A blonde man behind me fidgeted impatiently, “The hospital is right there, why don’t we just-“

“Wait,” Another person brought a hand up to silence the man, “I don’t like this.”

How many other people were in my group? I couldn’t remember what lead up to the moment I was in. I didn’t really recognize any of the people, but the body I was in was treating them as friendly.

“Who put you in charge anyway?” The blonde man stood up and walked further into the street.

The other man called after the blonde man but he was already halfway to the lobby of what they’d said was a hospital. It kinda looked like Health Sciences Centre.

The blonde man stepped gingerly through the mass of dead bodies that blanketed the city street.  After he’d gone more than thirty steps, the man turned to wave the other members of the party to join him.

A woman with a pale sickly face leaned against the blackened car frame, looking as though she was constantly fighting sleep.  She was putting pressure on a wound somewhere on her stomach and her blood soaked clothes around her torso denoted the urgency with which she needed treatment. I looked past the injured woman and into the eyes of the redhead beside me; the final member of our expedition party.

“Don’t!” I shook his head, sternly.

Her face was covered in dirt, and her once lustrous, fiery red hair was dull and matted.

Her piercing grey eyes, which had once (as the body I was in remembered as I observed him) shone with a brilliant exuberance, were now murky and listless. Experiencing that he (this body) had, and seeing what he’d seen, his body knew that its own eyes had also lost whatever semblance of soul they may have once had.

“Are you coming or what?” the blonde man yelled to him.

I turned to glare at the man.

Didn’t she know that there were others out here? My apprehension caused the body to gritted its teeth. (Or maybe the body gritting its teeth was what caused the apprehension) The body remembered the Others that wouldn’t hesitate to murder us for whatever supplies they think we have on us?

<<Had he so soon forgotten the man at the convenience store, naked and decapitated with his meager belongings strewn out beside him?>> the body’s mind thought.

Is that what the blonde man wants to happen to us? My awareness wondered.

The redheaded woman stepped out from behind the Honda Civic and carefully navigated through the morbid obstacle course towards the blonde man who had almost reached the other side.

“Come back,” I whispered sternly, or maybe we both whispered simultaneously. I was just as concerned as the body I was in was for her.

Suddenly I was opened to her awareness and the thoughts spiraling around her panicked mind. She was anxiously stepping closer to the blonde man, closer to the Hospital and, hopefully, the medicine her husband so desperately needed. She felt a weird, uneven consistency underneath her feet and realized that she was standing on one of the bodies’ hands.

She could feel the clamminess of the upward facing palm on her bare foot and it made her entire body erupt in a violent shudder which I could feel with a surprising intensity.  As she anxiously tried to reposition herself, she caught her ankle in the crook of a heavily decomposed elbow and she fell face down into the heap of rotting flesh and exposed entrails.  She touched the gore with her slender fingers and a foul sensation tore through her.  She moved her arm, but wherever else she put it she still made contact with cold, dead skin and wet, gooey innards.

She screamed and flailed around, madly.

The other body, my original body, called over at the blonde man as quietly, yet forceful, as he could: “Go help her!”

The blonde man scoffed and turned away, continuing towards the hospital.

“You fucking asshole,” the body muttered under its breath before I could. The more I watched the body the more I felt a growing connection and affection. I hate it when I’m in a body that behaves in ways that conflict with my moral alignment. I find it wonderful when the awareness is benevolent.

Standing up, his body readied itself to go out and assist her and my segmented awareness that was feeling her terror amid the limp and decaying bodies.

He tried to calm himself down, and I tried to help him. I sent the body calming and supportive energy from the seat of my detached awareness while doing the same for the woman the body was speeding towards. We saw the redhead was taking in deep breaths and trying not to think of the charred bodies around her as having once been alive.

<<Mannequins>> She tried to make herself believe. <<Yes, these were only mannequins>>

Something in her brain clicked over and she was suddenly able to see everything at once. She connected up to me. I didn’t think that was possible. And it frightened me. They shouldn’t be able to do that.

All the bodies, all the wounds, and then it became instantly obvious to her; painfully, horridly obvious; to both of us.

“Go back,” we shouted at the man and the other part of myself.

The bullet tore through her head snapping it forward with a force that threw her to the ground. The violent burst shot me out of her now disabled awareness and rejoined with the other fragment in the body of the other man.

Bits of bone, brain and clumps of matted red hair spayed the bodies behind her as she landed; another body added to the collection amassed in front of the Hospital.

Collapse – Exerpt (NaNoWriMo Novel)

Only 7 more days until the end. Current word count is at 41,347. Only a little more to go to hit 50,000! Let me know what you think.



A couple uncovers a burial chamber while spelunking in one of the many unexplored caves in China. The chamber is filled with skeletons that have large fungal cones pressing out from their skulls. They don’t realize they’re already infected by spores of a cordyceps fungus. When they get back home to Winnipeg, it’s already too late. The infection spreads. The novel follows various people: two struggling musicians, an army vet returning to Winnipeg for his estranged father’s funeral, a disgruntled daytime soap actress, a first-grade teacher and his 4 year old daughter, and a no-nonsense religiously inclined data entry clerk, a womanizing general practitioner, and a voluntarily homeless person living in the a tent in the Assinaboine Forest. The story follows the characters as each tries to get out of the city to the wilderness while attempting to avoid the infection, the infected, and the most dangerous of all, other human beings.

“Collapse” Excerpt

Tressa felt really warm. It was an uncomfortable, bright heat that radiated out from inside of her. She could feel the waves of heat wobbling away as they left her body. She’d finished the slurpee and had sat down to watch the television but she never turned it on. She was focused on the feeling of the buttons in her sweaty hands. The buttons shone with a glistening oily sheen that made Tressa feel sick. When she looked up, the room had taken on new and frightening properties that she wasn’t before aware of. The walls were emitting subtle sparks that burst soundlessly into existence and then out again. She found herself breathing rapidly and she could feel her heart thudding against her ribs. They seemed to ring out every time her heart slapped against them. It was a weird amalgamation of sound and texture. She could feel some of the sound waves as they reverberated back into her body. Though not all of the waves reflected back. No. She could see some of the waves drift away from her, diluting into the sparks popping in and out of reality.

She stood up but instantly became aware that her consciousness was a few seconds ahead of her body. In her mind she was already standing, but her body was sluggishly following afterward.

Her mouth was dry and she could feel her rough tongue scraping against her frighteningly porous teeth. There were large holes in her teeth that seemed to snag her dry tongue. She didn’t stop doing it though. Instead, it made her to want to do it more. And the more her tongue scraped along her teeth the more anxious she became. She leaped up off her chair. She wanted to run to the bathroom to check her mouth to see what the fuck was wrong. Her legs wouldn’t move. She stared down at them and saw them waving back and forth at odd angles.

She screamed.

Tressa collapsed back down.

Her limbs felt heavy against the armrest. Their colour was bleeding into the colour of her shirtsleeves.

She screamed again. Tears were racing down her flushed cheeks.

“What’s going on?” she was sobbing. “Jesus, what’s . . . what’s happening?”

There was a light radiating from her middle dresser drawer. The one she kept the Bible in.

Her tears felt like candle wax against her cheeks. Her whole body shook. She stared impotently at her kneecaps, trying to will her legs to move. It was her left hand, though, that finally pushed her off the armrest and up into a standing position. Her body seemed to move on its own. She watched it lurch toward the dresser and pull open the drawer. Her arms looked unrealistically long and thin as they reached out to open the Bible. The light continued to bleed out from the book. She could feel the weight of the light against her face and neck. The feeling was accompanied by a dull warmth that pressed against her.

The sound of the pages grating against one another attacked the insides of her head as she flipped through the Bible. Her hand stopped at Luke and she began reading:

14 Jesus was driving out a demon that was mute. When the demon left, the man who had been mute spoke, and the crowd was amazed.

15 But some of them said, “By Beelzebul, the prince of demons, he is driving out demons.” 16 Others tested him by asking for a sign from heaven.

17 Jesus knew their thoughts and said to them: “Any kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and a house divided against itself will fall. 18 If Satan is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand? I say this because you claim that I drive out demons by Beelzebul. 19 Now if I drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your followers drive them out? So then, they will be your judges. 20 But if I drive out demons by the finger of God, then the kingdom of God has come upon you.

21 “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe. 22 But when someone stronger attacks and overpowers him, he takes away the armor in which the man trusted and divides up his plunder.

23 “Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.

24 “When an impure spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it. Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.’ 25 When it arrives, it finds the house swept clean and put in order. 26 Then it goes and takes seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there. And the final condition of that person is worse than the first.”

27 As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.”

28 He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”



“What are you doing?”

The voice was bright but forceful and seemed to be coming from inside her head. She looked around the room to see where the voice was but all she saw was Boodle.

“Boodle, sweetie. Stay away. Mommy’s sick.”

Tressa could sense the presence of someone else in the room but there wasn’t. Not anything that she could see.

And then her whole body tensed.

There were suddenly thoughts in her head. But foreign thoughts. Thoughts that seemed to be coming from somewhere else. They blended with the chatter of anxiety in her own mind and kind of harmonized; two distinct and separate columns of thought that ran parallel to one another. Hers were expressed in worried words that dribbled onto her brain but the other, the other seemed to be expressed as disconnected, rudimentary cognition, as if it were just only now discovering that it could think and that it could reason.

Her legs began to move again and she found she was heading over to the bathroom. Her hand flicked on the light and she stared into her reflection in the mirror.

The other in her head laughed.

She laughed.

For a while it seemed like they were trying to one-up each other with the intensity of their laughter. One ringing out in the tight confines of the bathroom, the other reverberating about inside her skull. Tressa’s throat tightened as she stared into her reflection and saw a large Cheshire cat-like smile growing on her face.

Growing and growing.

It wasn’t stopping. Her smile just kept getting large and larger, and curling up the sides of her face, maniacally.

Kit jumped up on to the counter and stared at her.

“You must resist, Tressa.”

She could feel the other in her head poking around inside her brain.

<<Cat>> It thought. <<Kit>>

Tressa screamed.


The Trash Bin – 4 Conversations

This is a short story I wrote to get my brain working in preparation for November’s National Novel Writing Month. It’s told completely through dialogue in 4 different conversations.


D and R at home


“So, I was thinking that we’d go to G’s on Saturday night.”

“Nope, can’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“What do you mean, what do you mean? It’s L’s wedding social. I told you about this a long time ago. Remember L?”

“Right, L the lawyer. And your ex, p.s.”

“Yah, but that was a long time ago. I mean come on we’re going to a wedding social.”

“You know what, D? It’s not normal for people to go to their ex’s wedding social.”

“What? Why not?”

“Well, I mean you used to like . . .”

“Fuck her?”

“Uh yah.”


“So, you shouldn’t be going to her wedding social.”

“I don’t follow your logic.”

“It’s just, weird.”

“What? We’re adults who used to have a relationship. Obviously she’s moved on since she’s getting married.”

“Have you moved on?”

“R. It was over 4 years ago. I was over her long before I met you. Oh shit. I still have naked pictures of her on a USB.”

“You what?”

“Oh, god. I better go delete them.”

“What? No. Um, we should see them at least once before you delete them.”

“Why would you want to see naked pictures of L?”

“I’m just curious.”

“Well I’m sorry those picture were something special she and I had. I’ve never shown anyone and I’m not about to start now.”

“Come on.”


“Is it ‘cause it’s embarrassing? Was she fat? She was fat, wasn’t she?”

“No, she wasn’t fat.”

“Or maybe she had a really disproportionate torso. Did she have man feet? That’s probably it!”

“You want her to look ugly?”

“No, I just, I’m trying to imagine what she’d looked like.”

“Well there’s an awfully negative bent to your imagination.”

“I just have no idea what she looks like. Not one time have you shown me a picture of her, ever.”

“Exactly why you shouldn’t be worried about L and me.”

“I’m just curious. A girl you’d share naked pictures with… what would she look like?”

“You’re gonna have to keep guessing.”

“You said they’re on a USB? Could you help me out with a colour? Brand name would also help.”

“You really wanna see L naked.”

“Is it so much to ask?”

“Okay, assuming I even remember where I put that USB, I’ll have to locate the files in the finder. I guess, if you should happen to see the thumbnails of the pictures I’m about to put in the trash…”


D and R at L’s wedding social…


“So tell me more about L.”

“You know quite a lot about L already. Definitely too much for someone I’m involved with.”

“She obviously meant a lot to you. You held out a long time before letting me see the photos.”

“Well, they were a special thing between L and me. And I tried really hard to keep that. If it weren’t for you I would’ve.”

“Oh you.”

D introduces R


“D, showed me naked pictures of you.”


“I’m sorry. I just-”

“No, no, no. Okay, R. I was hoping it wasn’t going to come to this, but you’ve become uncomfortably clingy and shit like this just isn’t acceptable. You’re a nice enough girl but, fuck, you need to be less intense. I’m sorry, but I think you should leave.”


“You should go, R.”


R departs leaving D with L




“I thought I was getting so good at spotting the crazy ones. 2 months. I’d really hoped that she wasn’t a crazy bitch but for the last little bit it was beginning to get scary.”

“After 2 months?”

“Yah, red flags, right?”

“You’re taking this very well.”

“Oh my god, I’m just glad it only took 2 months of my life.”

“You’re a very different person than you were 4 years ago.”

“Well, I should hope so. That was 4 years ago.”

“So it’s a shame you don’t have those pictures of me anymore.”

“Well, I never said I emptied the trash bin.”


The End of NaNoWriMo 2011

So I can add one more (potential) novel to my list of writing credits. I finished the rough draft of “Twelve”- the prequel to “Ouroboros” – which currently has a word count of 58, 435 words. It’s by no means finished, but the skeleton is there so now I can begin fleshing it out and streamlining things I’ve already written. This year’s NaNoWriMo is by far the most intense I’ve ever taken part in, and it’s 100% because I was doing while still trying to keep up on my Creative Communications work load. I very much enjoyed it though. The novel was my bowl of coffee beans in a fragrance store, it helped me cleanse by palate when I thought I was going to go insane from school work.

One part of my journey as an author is finished but now I have to get onto revision and then submitting it for possible publication somewhere. I found this on StumbleUpon and it gives me hope. Here are eleven famous writers who were rejected before making it big!

via Bubble Cow

Rejection and writing go hand-in-hand, but sometimes it feels that those pesky publishers simply don’t know what they are talking about.

Here’s eleven reasons writers might just be right after all…

  1. Madeline L’Engle’s book, A Wrinkle in Time, was turned down 29 times before she found a publisher.
  2. C.S. Lewis received over 800 rejections before he sold a single piece of writing.
  3. Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind was rejected by 25 publishers.
  4. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance was rejected 121 times.
  5. Johathan Livingston Seagull was rejected 40 times.
  6. Louis L’Amour was rejected over 200 times before he sold any of his writing.
  7. The San Francisco Examiner turned down Rudyard Kipling’s submission in 1889 with the note, “I am sorry, Mr. Kipling, but you just do not know how to use the English language.”
  8. An editor once told F. Scott Fitzgerald, “You’d have a decent book if you’d get rid of that Gatsby Character.”
  9. The Dr. Seuss book, And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street, was rejected for being “too different from other juveniles on the market to warrant selling.”
  10. George Orwell’s Animal Farm was rejected with the comment, “It’s impossible to sell animal stories in the USA.”
  11. The manuscript for The Diary of Anne Frank received the editorial comment, “This girl doesn’t, it seems to me, have a special perception or feeling which would lift that book above the curiosity level.”

Twelve – NaNoWriMo Novel

So we’re 7 days into National Novel Writer’s Month and I have 15,884 words as on 3:26pm today! I’ve decided to revisit some characters that I feel very comfortable with and am adding some new twists and new characters around the existing cast.

The novel, “Twelve” is the prequel to “Ouroboros” set 3 years before the events of the latter. You learn more of the back-story of Alex Sunderland, Seth Brock, and Nathan Levy – plus you’re introduced to a host of other enigmatic characters including an assassin who is being stalked after killing someone he shouldn’t have, a recently fired talk radio host who has intense dreams about being a non-verbal quadriplegic whose respite worker abuses and humiliates him, and a mysterious woman who seems to appear and disappear at will.

Here’s an excerpt:


He felt the wind rip past his face. He wondered how many skin follicles the wind had taken with it and how many cells from other beings were floating along side them. His spine tightened. The skin made him think of those little mites that live on your eyelashes. What were they called? They have a specific name he wasn’t really . . . Google! <<———————————>> oh, they’re called eyelash mites. How much time had passed? He had to think, he looked down at his iPhone to see what the time was. It was 12:09 … wait, he couldn’t be sure at what time he’d zoned out so knowing the time wasn’t at all helpful. He exited back to the main screen and saw the app for weighing his marijuana. He smirked. He probably shouldn’t have that on his main screen. There was a lock on his iPhone though. 0312. So he guessed it didn’t really matter what was on his main screen. The phone vibrated and his whole body tensed.

Answer? Don’t Answer. Answer? Don’t answer!


“Edward?” A calm baritone voice filtered out from the speaker and squirmed its way into his ear and to his eardrums. The information was converted into electricity and fired off to the brain.

“Listen, I . . . I have it. I just I don’t have it with me, okay?” He yelped worriedly.

“That’s disappointing, Edward,” the voice turned decidedly sinister and Edward’s throat tightened.

“You have to just wait, I mean, I’ll even fucking take you there. Just give me a little time.”

“You’ve had long enough.”

The same voice was suddenly much louder, and much nearer, and much clearer.

This was the last thing Edward ever wanted. He’d been so careful. How did they know where he was? The man Edward knew only as Carter stepped forward from the darkness of the alley and into the harsh yellow light flooding down from the street lights above.

“Listen, it’s really a funny story-“

Someone in the darkness knocked over a metal garbage can that rung with dull clunks whose sound waves echoed back at him.

Oh my god! He sent two.

Demetrios, the other man’s other man, shot Carter a confused look. “Why are you letting him talk?”

“You don’t think I should hear him out?”

“No,” Demetrios scoffed. “We’re here to kill him so lets kill him.”

“Jesus,” Edward jumped. “Holy fuck, just, just listen . . . okay! Just fuckin’ listen. I have information that might help you guys.”

“I doubt it,” Carter smirked.

“Hey, fucking shoot him!” Demetrios stared at Carter like he’d just taken a shit on his foot.

NaNoWriMo (Day 1) Excerpt

So I’ve finished 1,000 words in my NaNoWriMo novel (only 49,000 to go!)  This is the first chapter of the novel; please let me know what you think.

                 Adok said at the edge of the world, as he had so many times before, looking out at the endless sea beyond him.  He let his legs hang over the cliff’s edge and felt the warmth of the air rushing up from the waves far below as it thundered past his ears.  He let his hands rest at his side, gently caressing his palms into the black grass around him.  The red glow of God burned dimly just beyond the thatan horizon that only barely held back Dene’s icy blackness which emanated from what the Dahk referred to as the Darkness.

                The deadness of the space around him was continuously apparent to Adok who pensively ran the thick fingers of his left hand through his dark beard.  There were no animals which floated on the air.  There were no animals which wandered through the vast sea.  Even those on land were increasingly harder to find, especially with the blight.  

                  Has Thamos cursed us?  Adok wondered.  Is he punishing us? How may we seek forgiveness for something we don’t know we committed?

                  He felt weak, though he’d almost forgotten how to feel otherwise.

                 “I curse you,” Adok hissed through gritted teeth.

                  How long had it been since the blight first appeared?  The dori herd had begun to show signs of the blight just after leaving plains and entering the Opedes forest, or at least that’s what the Dahk called it.  It just looked like another forest to him.

                  Shortly after, the herd had gotten sick and the meat of those animals who exhibited signs of the blight would in turn cause members of the tribe to get sick, and eventually die.  It became necessary for the hunters like Adok to recognize the symptoms of the blight and not hunt those dori which were sick. 

                  The symptoms were very easy to spot.  The dori’s normally luminous hair would fall out in patches, and their skin tone beneath would turn a slightly green hue.  The whites of their eyes would grow a sickly yellow and green mucous would encrust the folds of skin around them.  The same mucous would dribble out the dori’s snout and ears.  They’d begin to make distressed noises and behave erratically, attacking others in the herd.  Adok had witnessed that if another in the herd was wounded by a dori who was infected with the blight, that dori would also begin to show signs of the sickness.

                  The sound of the waves below him cascaded about his ears.

                  They were trapped now. 

                  They couldn’t go back through the forest; not with the Yvaere patrolling, stalking them.  They couldn’t follow the cliffs tema, to the thatan horizon; that would bring them into the court of God where their blood would boil and they’d burst into flames. 

                  They also couldn’t venture resa, to the land of the ice goddess, Dene, forever enveloped by the cold dark.  The only real choices were Hetta, into the sea and Inessa, behind them, back into the woods.

                  But of course they couldn’t.  They were trapped between the cliffs and the edge of the forest behind them.

                  The Dahk was supposed to give her divine revelation about their situation that night at the fire; but Adok had ceased to believe in her gods and their ability to intervene.  The gods had stood by as Tressa was killed by the Yvaere, and Adok could never forgive them for that.

                 She had been a strong warrior; brave and resourceful.  She could hold her own with any of the Evehe warriors. 

                 Had Thamos not seen her power in battle? Adok closed his eyes, trying to remember her face.  She would still remain if he could remember her face.

                  Her dark black eyes; her slender, misleading frame; the ferocity of the being inside herself which she could not contain…

                 “Adok,” The voice was instantly recognizable.  It was the Dahk. “What are you doing out here?”

                “I’m thinking.”

                A short, stubby man appeared behind the the Dahk and began laughing heartily.  “An Evehe warrior thinking?”

                Adok despised the little man. 

                Ysper was a servant to the Dahk.  He was nothing.  

                How dare he address a member of the warrior with such disrespect?

                The Dahk raised a hand to silence Ysper and the coward retreated behind his mistress.

                “Adok,” the Dahk spoke an airy, yet forceful voice which rose over the raging cacophony of the roaring waves below them.  “Why do you sit here while the rest of us prepare for the revelation?”

                 He couldn’t really tell her that he no longer believed.  No one could know. 

                “I’m troubled, Dahk,” He answered instead.

                “By what, Adok?”

                “What have we done to God and the gods?”  Adok rose from his spot in the black grass, towering over the diminutive Ysper who disappeared further behind the Dahk.  “Why have they cursed the dori and why do they send the Yvaere to kill us?”

                 The Dahk was silent.  She just peered at Adok with a almost pitying stare that made Adok, though he didn’t know how, feel ashamed of even speaking the questions aloud.

                 “Why did Tressa-“

                 The Dahk cut him off, “Don’t mourn, Tressa.”

                 Tears had begun to trickle out his eyes; he was ashamed of that too.  Adok turned to face the sea.

                 “Tressa is now one with all the ones who have come before and she will come again,” The Dahk said with a dismissive motion of her hand that caused a shiver to run through Adok.

                Will she?  He wanted to confront the Dahk, but how could he?  He could never…

                “The ceremony begins soon, Adok.” The Dahk said as she turned back around, towards camp.  “We need all in attendance.”

                “Don’t be late,” Ysper sneered.

                Adok just glowered at the short, paunchy man at it was enough to scare him into hurrying his pace back to the camp.