The First Day of Script Frenzy! 30 Days. 100 Pages.

So today marks the start of a journey to a 100 page script. I (and anyone who wants to join me) have until the end of the month to finish 100 pages of a script for the Script Frenzy exercise. Go here to learn more: Script Frenzy. Go sign up, if you haven’t already. And add me as a writing buddy. It’s easy, my username is: JoelNickel. (original, eh?)

And now, to start writing.

Paranoia – a Joel Nickel film (2002)

Nine years ago, I made a film based on a novel I’d written (an homage to the Scream films) about a group of friends who were being picked off one by one by a masked killer.

We spent all summer filming and I spent most of my first month at University of Winnipeg editing it on Adobe Premiere and then in October we had a grand premiere at the Kenmore Theatre in Morden.  (Can’t wait to start filming Ouroboros!)

I created a trailer (it’s more like a music video actually) but here it is.  Let me know what you think.

Ouroboros – Casting Call (IPP Film)

Ouroboros – an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon eating its own tail. Ouroboros expresses the unity of all things, material and spiritual, which never disappear but perpetually change form in an eternal cycle of destruction and re-creation.


So for my IPP I’m planning on filming a movie from a script I wrote called “Ouroboros”.  It follows the lives of the tennants of an apartment building and how their lives are unintentionally connected.  The same 2 week period is told from the point of view of various characters and with each POV shift you learn more and more about the events taking place in that 2 week period.

I’m looking for actors who are interested in being part of this film.  Below is a list of all the characters and if you’re interested please leave a comment or send me a message:



ALEX SUNDERLAND  – A smart, quirky, man in his late 20s. He spends lots of time musing about philosophy, pop-culture, and history.  He lives in Apartment 501 and is kind of the catalyst that all of these stories surround.

NATHAN LEVY  – Alex’s longtime friend and roommate. He’s a funny, spacey guy who has a lot of snappy one liners and is always by Alex’s side. They were friends in High School and were roommates when they were in University and are still roommates now that they graduated and got shitty retail jobs.

AVA FIELDS  – Ava is a quiet woman, who mostly keeps to herself. She lives next door to Alex and Nathan in 503. She lives with her husband, Steven, and their dog, Charlie. She accidentally runs over something on her way home to the apartment and has to dispose of it. Because of that event her life goes spiraling out of control.

STEVEN FIELDS – He never moves from his place at the kitchen table and his very existence harbors a terrible secret.

SETH RIDDELL (Joel Nickel…me, yes I’m in my own movie.) 😉 – Alex and Nathan’s dealer. Easy going and fun loving, he rivals Nathan for the title of life-of-the-party. Seth enjoys spending time with Alex and Nathan because of the meaningful, random and mind blowing (read: stoner) conversations they always end up having. Unfortunately, He is rocked with soul crushing news and his whole world crumbles into disarray. He battles with the questions of his existence and of right and wrong, which leads him to make a terrible decision which immediately affects the short remainder of his life.

MISS AMBROSIA SKYE – A pseudo-psychic who lives in apartment 420. She gives tarot card readings, and does palmistry and pretty much anything else she can to weasel money out of people. She knows she’s not a psychic and rationalizes her “business” as providing a therapeutic psychological service; since she is just telling them what they wanted to hear and had already decided about before hand. When confronted with the possibility of being in the presence of a “real” psychic she suddenly becomes a believer and begins searching for the woman who gave the prophecy that came true.

AURORA KENT – A woman in her mid-twenties who was in a car accident and suffered lesions on her brain which left her confused and and requiring her to be in the constant care of her older brother, Matthew. Miss Ambrosia Skye believes that she can tell the future.

MATTHEW KENT – Aurora Kent’s older brother, he is her caretaker.

JAKE SCROGGS – A mean, gruff, and all together scary, Superintendent of the Apartment Building. He has a grow op in the basement of the Apartment Complex and he is the supplier to Seth. He’s abusive and frequently verbally and physically assaults his wife Nancy. In short, he’s not a very nice guy.

NANCY SCROGGS – A woman of soft demeanor, she used to be a prostitute before Jake took her in. But Jake feels that that gives him the right to treat her however he likes.

ANIMA  – An enigmatic woman who shows up to “help” Seth. Though the thoughts she grows inside Seth’s head become increasingly dark and sinister.

MR. EVERETT – *no lines – He goes to see Miss Ambrosia Skye with his wife. He’s not a believer; in fact, he’s highly skeptical.

MRS. EVERETT – An avid believer of all things metaphysical, she eats up everything Miss Ambrosia Skye pulls out of her ass.

ED YARDLEY – A loud, offensive man who tells a disgustingly disturbing story at a party. One which involves sex in a Wal-Mart parking lot . . . and a colostomy bag.

PAT WALLACE – A friend of Nathan and Alex who throws a party.

LUCY GREEN – Girlfriend to Pat, she’s a huge bitch.

CASIE JAMES – Miss Ambrosia Skye’s friend and ex-coworker. She’s the voice of reason in Miss Ambrosia Skye’s search for the prophetic, Aurora.

GREG WALKER – A friend of Nathan’s, he and his girlfriend Laura come over to watch movies with Nathan and Alex.


NEWSCASTER – *self-explanatory. It’s only a voice over.

DETECTIVE RICHARD PIERCE – A Detective brought in when a few of the
characters go missing, and one of them is discovered floating downriver.

DOCTOR – *also self-explanatory. It’s another voice over, and the doctor gives Seth the bad news which sends him spiraling into chaos.


Let me know who you’re interested in playing, and we’ll hold auditions soon!

Continuing the Ape Marathon

So, currently watching Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, (it always feels like there’s too many “of”s in that title) which takes place in . . . are you ready?

1991 . . .

What? Really?

Well, it was made in 1972, and that’s almost twenty years later.  I love the way 20th Century people envisioned the future.  Some of the best movies stylistically are older movies.  For instance: Metropolis, a beautiful silent film from 1927. Logan’s Run, anyone who hasn’t seen Logan’s Run, really needs to see Logan’s Run! 🙂

Week of the Apes

So me and my new roommates have been ripping through the Planet of the Apes series this week.  It all started when we were browsing through my VHS collection looking for something to watch.  After finishing the original Planet of the Apes we realized that we had to watch the whole series.  So a few nights after we watched Beneath the Planet of the Apes, which happens to be my favourite of the series.  “Escape” is the third installment of the series and mostly goofy except for the explanation of infinite regression halfway through the film and of course the epic ending where everyone dies.  Otherwise, this movie is marred by dated and cliched moments, a 70s funk soundtrack and Zera and Cornelius wearing 70s attire.  Easily the weirdest of the series.  I couldn’t find the actual footage of the infinite regression scene, but this is a remix that has the dialogue in it.  Very very trippy to think about.

Next we’ll watch”Conquest of the Planet of the Apes” and finally “Battle for the Planet of the Apes”.