92.9KICK-FM – Video Promo

For radio day, Jaremy Ediger and I were the videographers. So our job was to make a 90-second promo for the 92.9KICK-FM station. This is that promo.


The Woman In The Television – Unfinished Scene for “Ouroboros”

This unfinished scene is entitled “The Woman In The Television”. Seth is playing video games (in the finished product there will be shots of him playing and then the television cuts out into static and then Anima appears on the screen) He sees that the door behind her on the screen is his own door (she’s just outside his room) when he goes to open the door she’s in his room, on his bed.

This scene features the tracks “The Woman in the Television” and “The Tragedy of Choice” from the Original Score by Grey Spade.

*please let me know what you think.

The Busker – Media Production Silent Film

“The Busker” – a silent film

This is my edit for this past silent film partner assignment for Media Production.

My partner for the assignment was Dave Hollier and the two actors in the film are classmates Andrew Parker and James Hiebert.

Music: “Kill the DJ” – Peeping Tom (feat. Massive Attack)

Scene from Highlander TV Series – Recut for Media Production class

For this assignment we were supposed to take raw footage from the TV Series Highlander and cut it into a scene. The scene is actually made from a series of clips from larger sequences of footage and I cut them all up for continuity and impact to create the illusion that numerous cameras are following the action. Please let me know what you think.

Media Production Assignment

Just finished this Media Production assignment in Final Cut X. Love that program!! The assignment was to go out scouting and take footage as well as audio and to mash it up together into something interesting using only sounds that were captured in the camera. Here’s the final product. Let me know what you think.