Ouroboros – The Complete Season One

Season One:

A 5 episode web series about the discovery of self and perceptions of reality. It follows the residents of an apartment building through their interconnected journeys to find the truth about their identities and the worlds they have created around themselves.

Written, Filmed, Directed and Edited by Joel Nickel
Original Score by Grey Spade


The Last Song – Rough Cut

In Media Production we’re working on a project called 33 Words. We have to tell a story using only visuals, music, and 33 words.

Jennifer David, Pamela Vernaus, and myself wrote, shot, and directed this short film. This is only the rough cut. We still need to do foley, and I need to tighten up the footage for the final edit, but this is what I have so far.

Featuring the song “Litost” by Grey Spade and “Last Song” by Edward Bear

Let me know what you think.

Ouroboros – Rough Draft of Episode One, Scene One (Ava Fields)

This is a drafts of a scene I’m working on for my web-series: Ouroboros. I already realize that it’s too dark. I thought I could get a cool Sin City-like thing with the contrast between dark and light in post, but I need to light the shit out of the bright areas and can’t just rely on Final Cut X to fix it in post. But that’s why we call it learning right?

Feat. Jennifer David as Ava Fields.

Music: “The Mind’s I” from the original score by Grey Spade.



And for shits and giggles, this is a trailer (more like a montage actually cause it’s to an entire song) for my first film “Paranoia”. We’re coming up on the 10th anniversary! … wow I feel old.