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The Great Neanderthal Hunt – (My new mix on

A tribe of Neanderthals are attacked by a rival group of Homo Sapiens. Only one Neanderthal woman survives the raid and begins her journey to reach safety, a valley inhabited by other Neanderthal tribes, before the Homo Sapiens, who are fast on her trail, catch up to her.

Ten tracks including music by FantomasGrey Spade, and Infected Mushroom.

(Listen to the Mix HERE)

Infected Mushroom Covers Foo Fighters in Minneapolis

There were so many highlights from the Minneapolis trip and if someone’s really interested in knowing you can ask me cause it really would just be a novel instead of a post and no one would read it anyway. 😉  At the Infected Mushroom concert they covered “The Pretender” by Foo Fighters.  And they loaded the video of it onto theirYouTube and Facebook accounts.  You can’t see it, but I’m JUST above the frame on the balcony singing and dancing my ass off! 😉

You can find them on Facebook @

And on YouTube @ InfectedMushroomVids

*and now I’m off to Vote in the Federal Election!  All Canadians should go out an vote today! If you don’t you have no right to bitch about things you’re unhappy about with the Government!!

Infected Mushroom – Epic Center – Minneapolis, MN

Went to see Infected Mushroom last night at the Epic Center in Minneapolis! HOLY CRAP, it was a phenomenal experience.  First, we got a VIP balcony overlooking the stage! Second, there were 3 sets of DJs before Infected Mushroom! Third, … INFECTED MUSHROOM, and finally fourth: WE GOT BACKSTAGE TO MEET DUVDEV!

I have video of it, but I haven’t had a fast enough internet connection to upload it to YouTube.  *But I will.  Until then I have photographic proof the I met Duvdev.  **he’s the one on the right.

Here’s some footage of their concert at the Epic Center the last time they came in March of 2010.

Guerrilla Ontology Episode 4

A big thanks to Tiffany Lachuta for coming on the show tonight.  Had a great time, and I’m holding you to coming back soon!

You can visit her blog the Spockette’s Star Trek Review for Dummies here.

The Trent Reznor song of the week was “The Collector”.

I played the new single from Winnipeg Psy-Trance band, Acidscar:

And I also played Infected Mushroom’s “Project 100”

Guerrilla Ontology Sept 30th, Debrief/Song Listing

Thank you to everyone who tuned in last night for the show.  And a big thanks to Alex White for coming on and talking about and of course Jordan Nickel, of Acidscar, for the great discussion about Electronic music.

I’ve already had a lot of people asking me about the track listing for the songs we played yesterday so here it is.

Institutional Melody – Grey Spade (Guerrilla Ontology Intro)
Laquerhead – Primus
Heavy Weight – Infected Mushroom
The Great Destroyer – Nine Inch Nails
Kinda I Want To – Nine Inch Nails
Doomsday Zone – Sonic the Hedgehog 3
Goodbye Sober Day – Mr. Bungle
The Four of Us are Dying – Nine Inch Nails

Thanks again for listening and I’ll have another great show for you next Thursday, from 6-7pm on 92.9KICKFM