Grey Spade’s new album: Sol

in the year 2284, the last homo sapiens reside in the underground city of Atlen. After the great global war, the surviving humans built Atlan as a refuge from the machines. Over the generations, Atlen devolved into an oligarchy. Years of corrupt leadership has left the populous on the verge of revolt.


Copulatory Vocalizations – Official Music Video

The Official Music Video to Grey Spade’s “Copulatory Vocalizations”.

Starring Miss La Muse, Amy Blaze, Quenna Hearts, and Laura Hildebrand.

The Great Neanderthal Hunt – (My new mix on

A tribe of Neanderthals are attacked by a rival group of Homo Sapiens. Only one Neanderthal woman survives the raid and begins her journey to reach safety, a valley inhabited by other Neanderthal tribes, before the Homo Sapiens, who are fast on her trail, catch up to her.

Ten tracks including music by FantomasGrey Spade, and Infected Mushroom.

(Listen to the Mix HERE)