Happiness In Slavery – [excerpt] – Miss Ambrosia Skye

Chapter 1


Above the door for apartment 406 was a sign that read:




The superintendent hadn’t told her to take it down, but it had only been up a month or so. The interior of the apartment was decked out in New Age décor. She had numerous books on tarot, spiritual healing, angels, the afterlife, and communicating with departed souls; and that was just the top shelf. She was sitting at her kitchen table with a spread of tarot cards in between her and her current clients, Mr. and Mrs. Everett. Mrs. Everett was really engaged and interested in the reading, but it was overtly obvious that Mr. Everett was only there because his wife was.

      Miss Ambrosia Skye drew a card from the deck and put it down on the table.

      She stared at it, intently. “Hmm,” she bit her lower lip for added effect.

      “What?” Mrs. Everett straightened in her seat, coming closer to Skye and her cards.

      “I just drew the Tower Card,” Skye said in a purposely ambiguous tone. 

“Is that a bad thing?”

      “Well,” Skye paused, taking in how alertly Mrs. Everett was drinking in her every word and gesture, and how disinterested Mr. Everett looked, slumped back in his chair. “The Tower Card is very similar to the Death Card–“

      Mrs. Everett gasped.

      Skye continued: “–in that it’s a card of destructive and creative power. Just like a building that is condemned and must be torn down to make way for something new, so too is the purpose of the Tower Card. Is there something old, something that you’re holding onto that you need to let go of before you can move on?”

“That’s funny, isn’t it, David! The kitchen.”

      Trying to hide her surprise, Skye inquired: “Your kitchen?”

“Yes. I’ve wanted to knock out the kitchen wall for years and make it open to the living room so that it’s more of an open concept thing. David always thought it was too expensive, but if the cards are telling you . . .” Continue reading


Simulation Argument – Persuasive Speech

This is my argument persuading you that we all exist inside a simulation. Let me know your thoughts.


and the Question and Answer period:

The Future Of Computers – (Yes Please!)

Via FutureTechnology

Rene Lee has come up with an exciting device called Bento. It is a single modular device that integrates a tablet, notebook,smartphone, hard drive and battery. The device can be used independently or as a processing network. It not only extends the life cycle of the product but also expands the possibilities of networked use. And thus, it provides easy portability of each component. Bento is short-listed for FUJITSU design award 2011 from over 1000 designs. It has got remarkable appreciation in a Designboom competition A Life with Future Computing.  Future technology Future computers to its next level

The basic laptop structure touts a 15″ OLED screen which serves as its structural base. It has solar powered lithium-ion battery. The tablet is of 11″. The Phone is fixed in shallow depression and is of 4″. The drive is 1TB SSD. One of the unique features of this device is that the tablet and phone can be used independently. Both can be removed while charging and can be used wirelessly. Each screen in it can be used for different purposes and content, when connected through networked system or physically. Future technology Future computers to its next level

The tablet can display a keyboard and the screen of the notebook can do visualization. Both tablet and phone can be functional in photo editing; picture can be loaded on phone while the tablet can run photoshop, and then image can be displayed in the screen of laptop. Multiple hard devices can be used in Bento because of its modular nature. All the components are fully functional as independent devices. This feature makes it exclusive and unique.  Future technology Future computers to its next levelFuture technology Future computers to its next levelFuture technology Future computers to its next levelFuture technology Future computers to its next level

Next up on my queue of books to purchase…

Today I had a wonderful discussion with my friend Ashley at McNally Robinson and afterward I stayed around to peruse books and I began a list of books I need to purchase after I finish reading the last two books I purchased: “Collapse” by Jared Diamond and “The Ultimate LOST and Philosophy” edited by M. Kaye.

Here’s a shortlist I compiled:

“Pandora’s Seed: The unforseen cost of Civilization” by Spencer Wells

“Your Inner Fish” by Neil Shubin *(tracing human evolution back to when we were fish) 😉 interesting.

“The Last Speakers: Quest to save the World’s most endangered languages” by K. David Harrison

“The Seven Daughters of Eve” by Brian Sykes *(about human ancestry in Europe being traced back to seven females)

“The 4% Universe” by Richard Panek *(about dark matter & dark energy and how physical matter only makes up 4% of the Universe!!)

“Minerva’s Owl: The Tradition of Western Political Thought” by Jeffrey Abramson

“Parallel Worlds” by Michio Kaku


*How about you guys?  Do you guys have any books on your queue?

Continuing the Ape Marathon

So, currently watching Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, (it always feels like there’s too many “of”s in that title) which takes place in . . . are you ready?

1991 . . .

What? Really?

Well, it was made in 1972, and that’s almost twenty years later.  I love the way 20th Century people envisioned the future.  Some of the best movies stylistically are older movies.  For instance: Metropolis, a beautiful silent film from 1927. Logan’s Run, anyone who hasn’t seen Logan’s Run, really needs to see Logan’s Run! 🙂