IV (What Exactly Is This?)

“The world was before the Creation, and at an end before it had a beginning; and thus was I dead before I was alive, though my grave be England, my dying place was Paradise, and Eve miscarried of me before she conceived of Cain” – Sir Thomas Browne

Joel Nickel grew up surrounded by technology.   Joel delved into saving the princess, collecting all the chaos emeralds, leveling up his Final Fantasy characters and defeating Ganondorf to restore peace to the kingdom of Hyrule.

Joel released his first full length album, Searching For Lethe, in February of 2010.  His first three singles (“Silver”, “Searching for Lethe”, and “Callous”) all charted on the KICKFM Top 40.

Joel is also the creative force behind Grey Spade. Under the banner of Grey Spade, Joel has scored three short films. A web-series. A radio-drama. And released three full-length albums: “Sanctuary”, “Ouroboros” and “Sol”

Grey Spade is set to release a new concept album in the Fall with collaborators, Jordan Nickel (of Acidscar) and Chaley Voth.

There are currently 41 Grey Spade tracks available for free download from Grey Spade’s soundcloud.com account.

Joel’s novels include: the Shadow in the Darkness, Sol, Sanctuary. And the novels from the Ouroboros series: Twelve, Happiness in Slavery, the Watchers, Collapse, and the New World.

(excerpts are available to read on this blog here.)

“I’m hoping that Guerrilla Ontology will be a place where people can come to find out about things they haven’t before considered.  I hope that this site begins a dialogue between readers who wish to comment (for OR against, and I do very much enjoy hearing other’s point of view and am open to being convinced to change my opinion if the argument compels me to do so) and help people examine exactly why they believe the things they believe.  So please, feel free to comment and to comment often. There are no wrong thoughts because they are YOUR thoughts. Just remember to keep your mind open to everything and don’t take life too seriously. We can only experience reality subjectively and we need the thoughts and incites of others to broaden and add unqiue colour to focus our lens to enable us to view of objective more clearly. Think. Love. And show respect to one another. We are more similar than we are different.”  – Joel Nickel

*Guerrilla Ontology was nominated for “Best Blog” at the 2012 Creative Communications Media Awards.


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