III (Suggested Gaming)

Silent Hill 2 (PS2) – the game that got me into survival horror, and the game I can play again and again and again without getting sick of it. Silent Hill 2 is not a direct sequel from Silent Hill. Although the setting is the same, this time the protagonist is James Sunderland. He arrives in town after getting a letter from his wife, telling him to meet her in their “special place”. Only problem, Mary’s been dead for a few years. James investigates the town and tries to make his way to Room 312 at the Lakeview Hotel where Mary is supposedly waiting, where it’s finally revealed what actually happened to Mary. Extremely atmospheric and creepy, this game includes such memorable adversaries as zombie nurses, weird monsters that are essentially two sets of legs sewn together at the hips so that it’s arms are actually another pair of legs, and of course….Pyramid Head. If you’ve never played this game before and love survival horror – BUY IT, … buy here.

Skies of Arcadia (Dreamcast) – One of my favourite RPGs of all time. Originally released on Dreamcast, they also made a Skies of Arcadia Legends, for GameCube with slightly upgraded graphics and a couple side quests and a few more characters. But essentially “Legends” is identical to the original. You play as Vyse, a Blue Rogue Sky Pirate. The world this game takes place in, is a series of floating islands traveled by ships that look like old sea-faring pirate ships, but old sea-faring pirate ships that inexplicably fly through the air. I love the battle system in this game. You have crystals that give your weapons certain benefits and weaknesses. For instance, there’s a red crystal which has the power of fire, and if your enemy is using a green crystal (for earth, or health) you’ll have the advantage, but if you use your red crystal against an enemy who’s using a purple crystal (ice) you’re at the disadvantage. A very expansive game, you can easily kill months worth of spare time trying to get all of the hidden quests and character upgrades. A must buy for any RPG fan. Buy here.

The Kingdom Hearts Series (PS2, PS3, GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS) –  How could you not love a video game that mixes the Square Enix world with the Disney World?  Final Fantasy characters along side Mickey, and Goofy and Donald and the rest of the gang.  The series has a realtime RPG framework and is incredibly addicting to play.   You travel via GummiShip (with the help of Chip & Dale!!) to various worlds that are based on Disney movies.  There’s a Lion King world, a Beauty and the Beast world, an Alladin world; pretty much, if it was a beloved Disney movie, there’s a level for it in this game. 🙂  *conspicuously missing is Oliver and Company. 😦  Maybe they’re saving it for Kingdom Hearts 3…  In anycase, if you like RPGs and you like Disney, WHY HAVEN’T YOU PLAYED THIS GAME? Buy Here.

Primal (PS2) – An unbelievably intense game about a woman, Jennifer Tate, who follows a monster (that looks like a Rancor) to a place called the Nexxus after her boyfriend Lewis is attacked by said Rancor and taken there. Once there she finds that her world is only one of many controlled by absolute good (Arela) and absolute evil (Abaddon) who reside in the Nexxus.  Abaddon’s forces are infiltrating other worlds and causing chaos.  Jen must go through each of the 4 worlds and bring balance to them. In each world she is given powers to transform into a hybrid of that world.  (One world there’s massive Minotaur-like people, another world is a water world so she has to become a half-person half-fish, and then there’s a vampire world and finally a fire world.) The production values in this game are unbelievable for 2003!  I was playing it yesterday (and part of today) and I just couldn’t believe the textures and the lighting; just beautiful!  Buy Here. (For $2.99!!)


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