The First Day of Script Frenzy! 30 Days. 100 Pages.

So today marks the start of a journey to a 100 page script. I (and anyone who wants to join me) have until the end of the month to finish 100 pages of a script for the Script Frenzy exercise. Go here to learn more: Script Frenzy. Go sign up, if you haven’t already. And add me as a writing buddy. It’s easy, my username is: JoelNickel. (original, eh?)

And now, to start writing.


Robot by Jim Henson (A Short Film from 1963)

Jim Henson made this film in 1963 for The Bell System.

“We machines don’t need man … need man … need man … man … man”

The Divide – Winnipeg Premiere

Last night I went to the premiere of “The Divide” an amazing post-apocalyptic thriller about a group of people from an apartment building who survive the destruction of New York City in a bunker their superintendent created underneath the apartment building. I loved this movie. Brilliant performances by the whole cast and the story was nuts. But it was made even more nuts by the fact that the story was open to improvisation by the actors. The film was shot in chronological order, and Michael Biehn said that in his 35 years as an actor, this has been the only film he’s shot chronologically.

Michael Biehn and Michael Eklund talked to me and Trevor (for On Screen Manitoba) about what it was like filming. I’ll post up the interview later on. Until then, here’s the trailer.

And here is some footage from the Premiere – Michael Biehn and Michael Eklund say hi to me! :o!

The Woman In The Television – Unfinished Scene for “Ouroboros”

This unfinished scene is entitled “The Woman In The Television”. Seth is playing video games (in the finished product there will be shots of him playing and then the television cuts out into static and then Anima appears on the screen) He sees that the door behind her on the screen is his own door (she’s just outside his room) when he goes to open the door she’s in his room, on his bed.

This scene features the tracks “The Woman in the Television” and “The Tragedy of Choice” from the Original Score by Grey Spade.

*please let me know what you think.