Ouroboros – Season One Finale


The Divide – Winnipeg Premiere

Last night I went to the premiere of “The Divide” an amazing post-apocalyptic thriller about a group of people from an apartment building who survive the destruction of New York City in a bunker their superintendent created underneath the apartment building. I loved this movie. Brilliant performances by the whole cast and the story was nuts. But it was made even more nuts by the fact that the story was open to improvisation by the actors. The film was shot in chronological order, and Michael Biehn said that in his 35 years as an actor, this has been the only film he’s shot chronologically.

Michael Biehn and Michael Eklund talked to me and Trevor (for On Screen Manitoba) about what it was like filming. I’ll post up the interview later on. Until then, here’s the trailer.

And here is some footage from the Premiere – Michael Biehn and Michael Eklund say hi to me! :o!

Ouroboros – Episode One

The first episode of Ouroboros – season one.

Season One:

A 5 episode web series about the discovery of self, and perceptions of reality. It follows the residents of an apartment building through their interconnected journeys to find the truth about their identities and the worlds they have created around themselves.

Written, Filmed, Directed and Edited by Joel Nickel
Original Score by Grey Spade