Zeros and Ones – A Philosophy Of My Personal eLegacy

After my time in the universe reaches its end, the values and arrangement of zeros and ones that have made up my digital existence will live on far far longer. (and thanks for the NSA data storage program, maybe infinitely) I really hope that if some future being should ever decide to trace the events that made up my digital life, he, she, it, or they do not stop reading at my immature beginnings and  decide against following the extent of my experience. I want the electronic legacy that extends beyond my own life to be one full of meaning, of compassion, of love, integrity, of acceptance, of understanding. I want to uplift not tear down, to support not discourage, to expand and extend my awareness not shield myself from being challenged in my ideas. In short, I want to be proud of the  way I have conducted myself if, in the far off future, some cognizant beings ever wished to recall the information imprinted in my chosen arrangement of zeros and ones.

*to future beings: I want you to enjoy reading the arc of my eLegacy and I want my story to end happily. I hope I didn’t disappoint.

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