I’m Sorry – An Apology to the Truly Religious

To all of the people that experience religion as an enriching, comforting, and positive component of their life: I am very sorry and ashamed for how I have treated you in my past. I apologize for my arrogant hypocrisy. In my impotent anger and frustration toward the horrible acts people have commit in the name of religion, I lashed out in (at best) unhelpful and misdirected, and (at worst) hurtful and damaging rhetoric. These frustrated outbursts should have been directed at only a small segment of people who I realize are improperly, and disingenuously compared with loving, kind, and generous followers of religion. The violence and oppression I witnessed blinded me from acknowledging my own prejudices. I too was seeing the world inaccurately through damaging generalizations of entire sections of humanity while ridiculing that “other” side for doing just what I was. I acknowledge now that there is no “other”. We are us. We are human beings. We believe differently and see differently and our differences should be celebrated. Rather than trying to “win” others to share our view, we should expose them to the opportunity of EVERY possible view. None better or worse, just different. When we stop living to try to force others into agreement and start offering the option of the experience of coming or not coming to that conclusion (and leaving that up to each individual to decide) think of the new ideas and the new ways of seeing and of being will present themselves if we’re only allowed to go out looking for them unfettered by group-think and standards and expectations. Just being, and allowing others to be. Again, I sincerely apologize for having been so critical and mean-spirited towards genuine belief of religious people. I know that I have pushed a lot of wonderful people away with negativity and my insensitivity. I no longer want to be a divisive force when so many forces already plow through our cultural landscape. Instead of worrying what others think and what others are doing, I should concentrate on what I believe, and what I am doing to make the world a more positive and loving place.

Live Love, Show Love, Be Love.

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