Demo Reel 2012

Here’s my 2012 Demo Reel of the major assignments I did using HD Cameras and Final Cut X. I’m available for directing, editing, scoring, and filming. Message me at:

The Last Song – Short Film – Co-Wrote/Co-Directed/Edited/Scored
*WINNER: Best Short Film – At the CCMAs (Creative Communications Media Awards)

Copulatory Vocalizations – Grey Spade (Music Video) – Filmed/Edited/Scored

Ennui – Grey Spade (Music Video) Filmed/Edited/Scored

Only – Nine Inch Nails (Music Video) – Co-Filmed/Edited

The Busker – Short Film – Co-Written/Co-Filmed/Edited

Also Out of Order – Short Film – Co-Written/Filmed/Edited

Ouroboros – Short Film – Write/Directed/Filmed/Edited/Scored

Craig Street Cats – Documentary – Co-Written/Co-Filmed/Co-Edited


Google Glasses – Never Stop Playing – Ouroboros

Watch these two videos and then watch Ouroboros. Augmented Reality glasses … video games we can take with us anywhere … it’s only a matter of time before we start creating worlds to jack ourselves into ….. and thus: Ouroboros.

Google Augmented Reality Glasses

Playstation Vita – “Never Stop Playing”

And my short film – Ouroboros Season One

Ouroboros – The Complete Season One

Season One:

A 5 episode web series about the discovery of self and perceptions of reality. It follows the residents of an apartment building through their interconnected journeys to find the truth about their identities and the worlds they have created around themselves.

Written, Filmed, Directed and Edited by Joel Nickel
Original Score by Grey Spade

The First Day of Script Frenzy! 30 Days. 100 Pages.

So today marks the start of a journey to a 100 page script. I (and anyone who wants to join me) have until the end of the month to finish 100 pages of a script for the Script Frenzy exercise. Go here to learn more: Script Frenzy. Go sign up, if you haven’t already. And add me as a writing buddy. It’s easy, my username is: JoelNickel. (original, eh?)

And now, to start writing.