Taimane Performs “La Petite Fille de La Mer”

via Taimane.com

Taimane picked up her first ukulele at the age of five and began her future in performing. Later, while playing on the streets of Waikiki with beach boys backing her up, Taimane was discovered by legendary Hawaiian crooner Don Ho, and she soon became a featured performer in his show. From there her popularity grew. Taimane has performed in Las Vegas, California, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Samoa.

Taimane’s playing style is unique. She has the ability to morph genres—from classical to classic rock to flamenco—always without missing a beat, literally. Taimane also writes her own songs that she inserts into her sets. Her performances are elegant and energetic, and her stage presence is simultaneously overwhelming and captivating, leaving her audiences wanting more.


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