Simulation Argument – Persuasive Speech

This is my argument persuading you that we all exist inside a simulation. Let me know your thoughts.


and the Question and Answer period:


4 thoughts on “Simulation Argument – Persuasive Speech

  1. It is hard to imagine not knowing the difference between talking, playing or even having sex (which is the most likely to advance first if you ask me) in person or stimulation I can picture everything being SO real and SO lifelike, and screens that dont give you headaches, or perhaps no need for screens at all, I can see that
    But I cant help but think, how do we pay for the power to run them, who pays the rent etc, not ALL work can be done out of reality, cleaning, care work, emergency services, unless the whole structure changes with it, which it may well do

    I can totally see how very easily stimulations could become much more exciting and give you a better buzz than reality, thats true already in gaming! Imagine when you havent got time to go out Friday night, youd like to pop in but by the time you get ready, get there get back etc, or lack of funds even it could be that you dont have to stay in after all, or further to that, nobody actually GOES to the pub, way to much bother lol, just meet their virtually or on whatever we use by then

    I dunno really its just such a scary thought, I want to keep saying no, but the more I think about it the more things I can see are easily replaceable and dare I say it, a little more appealing, eek!
    The Sims is my game Ive had all of them, over the decade or longer, I dread to think how much time Ive spent on it already!

  2. I don’t think that he’s saying that we’re PLAYING the simulation, he’s saying that we ARE the simulation. Everything that we know and experience and ever have experienced is nothing more than a programmed reality that was created by some other civilization (or some earlier version of ourselves). Joel? Am I way off?

    • Exactly right, Jennesa. We’re merely approximations of what the program thinks homo-sapiens should be. Like how the characters in the Sims 3 are approximations of human beings.

      • I don’t think the people in your class got that part either (judging by their questions and discussion afterward).

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