The Philosophy of Mokey Fraggle


UPDATE: Check out the new Mokeyism blog @

Fraggle Rock is my first memory of television.  I remember watching it on the CBC one morning in our apartment at 501 Furby. From that moment Fraggle Rock has played an integral role in my life.  It figures into my memories of living in Rankin Inlet, Northwest Territories (Nunavut) and my early grades in Morden.  Even when most would consider me too old for Fraggle Rock I’d still watch my VHS copies.

But really, that’s ridiculous.  How can anyone be too old for Fraggle Rock??

I think that there’s an underlying Philosophy of Fraggle Rock, and particularly Mokey, and I’m going to investigate it more.

When I was young I was Red, in my pre-adolescence I was Gobo, in my University years I was Wembley, and briefly Uncle Travelin’ Matt, and for a long stretch of the naughty’s I was Boober, and now I’m attempting to be Mokey.

It’s 1:30am right now and must be heading to sleep, so I’ll say this: an ongoing part of this blog will the Philosophy of Mokey Fraggle where I take an episode of Fraggle Rock and analyze the concepts that Mokey brings forward.

Until then, check out one of my favourite Fraggle Rock songs “The Minstrels.”


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