Two New Grey Spade Tracks From The Upcoming “Ouroboros – Original Score” Album

I just finished two new tracks for the Ouroboros – Original Score.  Here’s “Ava”

and “Petrichor”

Please let me know what you think!


4 thoughts on “Two New Grey Spade Tracks From The Upcoming “Ouroboros – Original Score” Album

  1. The first track REALLY sounds like music from an intense movie scene..
    The second would be great for Fire Poi 😀

    Who are they?.. what is their goal musically?.. club music.. movie music?
    Sounds quite different from anything I’ve heard so far.. mind you I’m no music guru, so that’s a soft opinion right there 🙂

    • Thanks! Yes the first one “Ava” is going to be the score for a very emotional and intense scene between Ava and another character.

      And “Petrichor” is the opening credits.

      *I actually wrote both of them yesterday cause I was inspired by a conversation I had with my friend. “Petrichor” I wrote while thinking: what if the apocalypse actually happens and this guy leaves his house completely unaware that it’s actually happened and then he begins seeing the damages on the side streets and ends up getting to a heavily populated area and all of the cars are trashes but there’s no occupants…

      :D! I would love for you to do a Fire Poi to “Petrichor”. If you made a video of that I’d love you forever!

      To answer your question, Grey Spade is really just me with a bunch of sequencers, FL Studio, and M-Audio box, my instruments and time. 😉 Right now I’m doing a lot of scoring. I was just asked to score my friend’s radio drama, which I’m really excited about.

      I would love to do club music though. To have a sea of people dancing to music I created … epic!! Thanks for listening to my music, Mel. 🙂

  2. hey Joel! i luv ur new pieces – both so unique! i luv how they make me think/feel so many different things….. like Apex Twin meets David Bowie with a side of Skillet 😉 it’s mesmerizing! so uniquely your own…. never stop creating, hun! thank u for ur pieces 🙂 xox

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