CURIOUS: Judas Got Screwed Over, Big Time!

This week on CURIOUS: I’m writing about something that always irked me about Christianity.


Personally, I think he got really screwed over in this whole thing.  In order for Jesus to be crucified and resurrected he first had to be apprehended by the authorities.  And in order for that to happen, Judas had to “betray” Jesus for 40 pieces of silver.

There’s some things I have a problem with.  God knew (cause he knows everything) that Judas would betray Jesus, and essentially he HAD to betray Jesus for the next phase of the story to get started.  Did Judas have a choice, then?  Was he predestined for experience those events and react the way that he did?  If he didn’t, and remained loyal to Jesus, couldn’t the authorities have found Jesus some other way?

Or (and this is the one I think is most accurate) the story is more interesting if one of his own 12 disciples betrays him, which (like most of the parables and stories in the Bible) becomes a moral “teachable moment.”

The paradox of Judas’ involvement in Christ’ death has always left me feeling unnerved.  What do you guys think?


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