How Did Adam & Eve’s Kids Have Kids?

I asked this very question in Sunday School and got a very similar answer …

Here’s Father Jonathan Morris on FOX News answers (or rather tries not to answer) the question: “How Did Adam and Eve’s Kids Have Kids?”

Okay, so if you’re saying that there wasn’t very much information written about something that supposed to be “the Word of God”, don’t you think that takes a little away from the validity of the Bible as a whole? “Yah, but God didn’t think it was important enough to include that information” …

Another question I have: why the theatrics? Why not just abolish sin? Why would he have to impregnate a woman to create a half-god, half-man person (who is also one part of God along with, well God, and the Holy Spirit) who goes around the Middle East doing good deeds only to be screwed over in the end and murdered in a horrendously violent way.

(As a side note, I always find it funny how adamantly people argue that there isn’t human sacrifice in the Bible … Your whole religion is based around the sacrifice that Jesus made to save your sins!) **also, there are more instances of human sacrifice in the Bible than just Jesus.

Anyway, I think people should follow the spirit of the Bible (love your neighbor, be a good person) and focus less on what’s written there, as though it’s divinely created.  Ever wonder why there’s no Scientific Theory in the Bible? Cause it was written by Iron Age peoples on scrolls and only condensed into one volume much later! And even at the Council of Nicaea when the Bible was canonized (324 AD), there was still a thousand years before the Enlightenment! (18th Century)

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