This Makes Me Very Angry (Come On Society!!)

So browsing through StumbleUpon I came across this site where they were ripping on celebrities for their “cellulite bodies” at the beach.  The headline on the site was entitled Celebrity Cellulite Fails

This is an example of why I hate the greater Western Culture (if you can call it that).  They have these impossible notions of what an “ideal” body looks like, which they expect people to live up to.   And of course they are really only accessible by plastic surgery or a fanatical exercise regimen.  Here’s an example of a Jennifer Love Hewitt “fail”:

She is a goddess.  There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with this picture.  She is a beautiful, REAL, flesh and blood woman and a million times more attractive than any silicon and botulism enhanced freak show that society is passing off as “beautiful” these days.

Unfortunately, society creates these unrealistic expectations and women (and men) end up with eating disorders and grow to hate their bodies.  These are the bodies we have, we can’t change that.  (I mean we can: plastic surgery) But why should we want to?  What do you guys think?


15 thoughts on “This Makes Me Very Angry (Come On Society!!)

  1. I couldn’t agree more. She is beautiful, not a thing wrong with her. I have nothing against plastic surgery but I do have something against our unrealistic expectations and ultra high beauty standards.

    • Pretty much every woman has cellulite or will have. It should be as common as the nose on your face and not dwelt on or given any more attention.

      • Exactly! People should stop treating natural things as being something undesirable. Bodies develop cellulite, skin sags as you age, some men go bald … It blows my mind that people have such an aversion to aging. Personally I think women in their 40s and 50s are some of the most attractive women around!

  2. Plastic surgery in the case of burn victims or re-constructive surgery, or breast reduction for people with back problems I agree with. But I don’t see why people go through intense procedures (needlessly, in my opinion) to conform to what other people think is “beautiful”. It shouldn’t matter how others view you. You are always beautiful because you are you. And anyone else who would argue with that is an asshole and not worth your time anyway.

  3. stumbled upon this today. and i must say, if anyone thinks there is something wrong with her body, they are morons! i would trade bodies with her in a second! she is thin, has a sizeable chest, and is very beautiful, but of course in our society today we can only focus on the negative – that being her hardly noticeable cellulite. pathetic. no wonder women are living in self-hatred most of their lives, because they are never good enough. so sad.

    • Oh, God no! I’ve always believed that our minds and our actions are far more representative of our “self” than our bodies are. I think to completely disregard, or discount, an emotional connection with another human being solely because of their outward appearance is disingenuous to the larger society. Imagine if we lived in a world where people paid more attention to what you were saying and doing, than what you were wearing!!

      I caught myself awhile ago looking at someone on the street and made a personal judgement specifically because of the style of clothes that they were wearing, and I had to stop myself. We’re so indoctrinated by media and the attitudes in our society that this is how we choose to perceive those around us.

      Ever notice how the majority of what we think about other people tends to be negative? Urgh, what an ugly dress. Look at her hair. Man, that guy has a huge gut! …

      Is it because we’re afraid of putting ourselves out there and talk to people that we have to create reasons in our heads as to why other people aren’t good enough, or worth our time to talk to?

  4. Hey Joel, I completely agree! That’s a pet pev of mine too. There’s so much pressure put on people these days to “look a certain way” which is so silly. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have a sense of pride in yourself, to respect proper hygiene, etc. ….. I think it’s a sleazy tactic that many advertisers use to sell products: they tell you why you’re not good enough the way you are (convince you that you are inadequate) and then they tell you why you need to purchase their product in order to “fix yourself”. It’s an underhanded tactic that has got out-of-control. So often we just assume we’re not good enough the way we are because that’s constantly was society is telling us and so we are forever searching for something outside of ourselves that we think we “must find” in order to give us the value that we’re clearly lacking (because someone told us so) – and so we have this mind/body disconnect. Advertisers tell you “I have what you need to be beautiful/smart/powerful, etc. – without our product you are incomplete/inadequate”. ….It’s really quite tragic the effects this has had on us… all of us. I fight with thoughts of inadequacy all the time – it’s a constant mental battle to tell yourself “no, I AM good enough the way I am” and to turn off the negative thoughts.

    If we begin to see ourselves as we are….beautiful, adequate, complete, then there are a lot of advertisers that won’t have a market for their products.

    • Exactly! Coming home from work today, I heard a commercial on the radio for hair replacement and in the copy the characters in the commercial were ripping on this guy for being bald and the one character says “he’s a really nice guy, and he’s very … nice” and then the other girl scoffs and says: “He’s bald isn’t he?” And there’s a brief silence and then the announcer comes in and says: “Are you known as ‘the bald guy’….” and it just made me sick. … really Western Culture? Really??? 😥

      Why should we treat natural things as abnormalities? People go bald, bodies sag, does that at all take away from the “self” that you are? Beauty is such an abstract and relative concept to begin with. Who says what is “beautiful” and what isn’t? For the most part: advertisers! Who want you to buy their products. So they invent insecurities to prey upon.

      • Also, isn’t it interesting that no one is talking about the man’s lack of “wash board” abs. It’s perfectly fine for the guy to be a little pudgey! (Of course he’s not pudgey, but Jennifer is also not unattractive simply because she has cellulite, which is NORMAL!!) It’s interesting that they only focus on her and not on the male in the picture. :s Sad. **although, they shouldn’t be focusing on ANYBODY!

  5. My only issue with the picture of J.Love up there is that her bikini top looks like it’s too small. I’m kind of afraid that the girls are going to escape.
    Other than that, she looks fantastic, and I wish I could look that good in a bikini.

  6. Oh Joel, you are speaking my language here! This is where I see my work being in the world. To help women love themselves unconditionally, including their bodies! I heard that somewhere in the world (Thailand I think), they believe that there are too many souls for the number of bodies, and anyone who is lucky enough to inhabit a physical form is considered lucky and privileged. I have to agree. It is a privilege to be having this physical experience on this earth.
    Who decided that cellulite was bad? What is wrong with it? Who decided that smooth, flawless skin is superior to dimples? I don’t know. I don’t get it. Who decided that skinny is more beautiful?
    What is beautiful? People who are courageous and confident enought to be exactly who they are. Whatever form that takes.
    This is the very reason that I decided to pursue life coaching. The world needs a movement of empowered women challenging this shit, and showing people a new way of being in the world.

    • “People who are courageous and confident enought to be exactly who they are. Whatever form that takes.”

      I think that should be the new definition of Beauty. 🙂

      Well put, Rose! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  7. I am a guy. Crazy by society standards I am sure but, I actually think that the perfectly smooth skin on a woman’s thighs is…boring! Predictable, all the same, as on all the very young women.
    That structural change, cellulite, adds some shadows, some surface variation, sensations to your hand caressing her in the mid-light of a low lit room. It makes her unique as cellulite, some extra fat here and there create a unique city-scape. There’s more to explore during love making, more to feel, to remember.
    I can even mention that to her, gainining her trust once she see that she doesn’t have to hide or god forbid, be ashamed of anything on her body. Stretch marks?..I kiss them, I shut up & thank God that he created the woman.
    The first young woman I made love with, had hairs around her areolas, quite noticeable ones. Now, I feel disappointed when a woman doesn’t have them, hairless nipples are more predictable, there’s less to play, nimble, caress, feel. And so on an on.

    If my lover has cellulite, and I enjoy its sight as I squeeze her legs while making love from behind, and I mention it to her, we will develop a confidence, a buddy-like relationship, a lightly sadomasochistic sweet play of accepting also the “dark” areas of our world; then sex will only progress toward more openness and so will love.
    Smooth plastic is for kids’ toys. I am a man.
    Balding by the way, so what, you think i cannot please you intellectually and sexually because of that? Ah ah.
    Don’t make me laugh.

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