“Sex And The City” Fan Christina Saunders Beds 1,000 Men

Via PopCrunch

Sure, Carrie Bradshaw was all for sexual liberation, but were not sure this is what she had in mind.

One British woman is spilling the tea on how Sex And The City – the television institution that made Manolos and Cosmopolitans more all-American that apple pie — inspired her to share her bed with more than 1,000 men.

The love lives of chic sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw and her three girlfriends was the focal point of the hugely popular HBO series, which aired from 1998 to 2004. During the course of 94 episodes and six seasons, the women of Sex And The City hit the sheets with a combined total of 94 men and one woman. The gals picked up waiters, doormen, trainers, lawyers, yoga instructors, bartenders, writers, baseball players, ophthalmologists, realtors, artists, architects, furniture designers, and unemployed actors on the small screen.

Those sexcapades were empowering for Christina Saunders, then 20.

A native of Hertfordshire, East England, Christina reached the astronomical target of a 1,000 sex partners after taking a roll in the hay with a stranger during a friend’s part last month. She says she set herself up on the challenge 10 years ago, after she caught a few episodes of the first season of Sex and the City while stuck at home with a bout of flu in 2000.

“The thought of four women gloating about sleeping their way around New York hadn’t appealed to me but I had nothing better to do so I watched it,” she explains.

Christina’s once conservative take on sex quickly melted away the first time she met sexpot ad exec Samantha Jones. She was instantly attracted to Sam’s “Chew ‘Em Up and Spit ‘Em Out” approach to manuevering dating in the City That Never Sleeps.

“She had a male attitude of sleeping around and it fascinated me. I didn’t feel dirty, just empowered,” says Christina, a brunette, who managed to earn degrees in English and sociology despite her — er — busy social calendar. “I was addicted.”

Soon after, Saunders began picking up men in bars and during international vacations. She kept a tally of her conquests in a notebook.

After watching her goal to sleep with 1,000 men bitterly divide her friends, Christina’s beginning to have second thoughts about casual sex. She fears her promiscious past may influence her ability to forge long-lasting relationships with men.

Why, you don’t say?

“Good friends stuck by me but others accused me of being a slut. I took things too far. Now all I want to do is settle down. I just hope I haven’t put men off.”

For the record, the four central characters of the Sex And The City franchise had 115 million “indirect sexual partners” over the course of the series, according to a recent study —compiled by a British research firm — to raise awareness about sexual transmitted diseases and infections.


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