According to Zhuangzi, I Slow Danced With Taylor Swift And Palled Around With Jon Stewart!

Zhuangzi, the  Chinese Philospher, was very unnerved at a dream he had where he was a butterfly.  The dream was so real that he began to question his own existence.  Was he Zhuangzi dreaming he was a butterfly? Or was he a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuangzi?

If that’s the case … I slow danced with Taylor Swift and palled around with Jon Stewart!

The dream(?) started at a large outdoor stage.  I’m standing off-stage waiting for my turn to go on and perform, though there are lots of performers and I don’t know the order so I’m kind of getting nervous.  I’m trying to find the stage manager to see if I can get a schedule to see when I’m supposed to go on. I guess I looked as though I was frazzled and Jon Stewart pulls me aside and says:

“You don’t know when you’re on either?” He laughs. “I’m Jon.”  He shakes my hand. I introduce myself and we get to talking and I really wish I could remember exactly what we were talking about.  I just remember myself shooting off some really witty quips 😉 cause I’m awesome like that. (or at least in the dream I was awesome like that) :p

Jon ends up having to leave for some reason and I go back to the side of the stage to see if I can find any more information about when I’m on and Taylor Swift is standing before me.  I gather up the courage to introduce myself and we get to talking and she tells me about how her tour is going and that she’s on the last few shows before she gets to take a break.  Suddenly the most beautiful music begins to waft in from the stage.  It’s soft, slightly dischordant, and wholly gorgeous.  I feel compelled to take her hand and pull her close to me.  Her bright eyes flicker with intensity in the dim light filtering in from the stage.  We dance to the haunting music floating in the air around us.  I look deep into her eyes and she stares, smiling, back at me.  It was an absolutely beautiful moment, and according to  Zhuangzi, it may have happened. 🙂


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