The Moonlight Sonata of Beethoven Blatz

Growing up in Morden and Winkler (and having some Mennonite heritage myself) I had an existing experience of Mennonite history and the history of Southern Manitoba.  I felt the play had places that were very humorous and beautiful, and then other aspects that lost me.

Blatz’s rendition of the Moonlight Sonata was the most beautiful I’d ever heard!  If you go to this play for one reason, it should be to hear the play’s version of the Moonlight Sonata.  Absolutely gorgeous!  It was so pianissimo … it was just … ah! so beautiful!

I found the lesbian love triangle thing a little out of left field though and then I felt as though the story just ended without really resolving that fact that she was in love with Sush.  I was unclear by the end of the play, why it was that Blatz seemed to not know what was going on during the sex scene, but then talks to the husband as though he was just following orders. That didn’t make much sense to me, but maybe if I watch the play a second time I might feel differently. 

I got the impression from the seminar in school that Mr. Wiebe felt the the woman’s feelings for Sush was explained well enough for the time period.  And he has a point.  Stuff like that just wasn’t talked about and maybe he wanted us to feel that uncompleteness of that character who’s character arc isn’t resolved.

Overall, I really enjoyed the play.


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