“Ennui” New Music Video for my band Grey Spade

So this is my montage for TV Class.  It’s a Music Video for a song I wrote for my band Grey Spade.  It’s an instrumental entitled “Ennui”.  Please let me know what you think.  This is just the first draft.  I’m going to be tweaking things later, so please let me know if you have any suggestions.  It’s meant to start off quiet but it does get into that sweet spot of -6 to -12 db, Cooper. 😉  I was going for a atmospheric, listen-with-headphones-in-a-quiet-room feel, kind of like Nine Inch Nails’ The Way Out Is Through. Thanks for watching and listening, everyone!

A huge thank you to Jennifer David, Jaremy Ediger, and Pamela Vernaus for helping me with filming.  And a double thank you to Jennifer David for being my muse.


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