LOST sequel-series coming in 2012!

EXCLUSIVE: The Island is not done with us just yet!

SL-LOST has learned exclusively that a sequel series to the worldwide phenomenon LOST will be premiering on ABC in January 2012.

Production is set to take place in New Zealand, given that Hawaii was quarantined by Fringe Division two months ago. Joss Whedon, who ran the original series during its six seasons, will no longer be the man behind the curtain: “I’m incredibly busy with the production of ‘Red Lantern’ and ‘The Justice League’, so I won’t be involved on the new show as much as I’d love to”, says Whedon. “However, I have faith that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse [former ‘Alias’ Exec. Producers] will do a fantastic job as the new showrunners.”

Plot details are still a bit sketchy, but Lindelof and Cuse teased that the new series will take place after the events of last May’s universally-acclaimed LOST finale, where the remaining survivors of Zeppelin Flight 815 saved the Island from being destroyed by a huge vortex.

Confirmed returning cast members include Andrew Lincoln (Jack Shephard), Olivia Wilde (Kate), Taylor Kitsch (Sawyer) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley). Additionally, unknown actors Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway have been cast as the members of a new group of survivors that ends up on the Island.

An exact date for the premiere of this new series is yet to be announced, but rumors say ABC could air the show against the 13th and final season of NBC’s ‘The West Wing’.

(ps: this is the cruelest April Fools joke in the world.  Initially I got ridiculously excited but as soon as they said Hawaii was quarantined by Fringe Division … so no, there will be no LOST sequel-series) 😦 epic-sadface.

12 thoughts on “LOST sequel-series coming in 2012!

  1. The LOST is the best ever series happen on the planet. LOST always outperform the other series. I think the idea of the LOST to come back is extremely brilliant. Also the actors are so perfect and honestly the people love them. In any place in the world they know every actor from Lost, they really love them.

  2. This series had so much potential for an after lost movie or series however after ripping off the fans who stayed with lost for 6 years and then to be ripped off with such a silly ending I am glad that this is just an April fools joke
    I recon a child could have written a better ending – echoes of what destroyed ” Dallas ” remember the Bobby thing where we all dreamed up the whole year thing

    • Yes! Very unfortunate. I was very unhappy with the way the series ended. They told us that all our questions would be answered, and there are many that are still left unresolved.

  3. Seriously, that was INDEED the cruelest April Fools joke ever. My husband just told me he heard about a sequel just to see the momentary glitter in my eye and glee on my face, so I had to look it up, and found this. You are a terrible person for getting my hopes up. Dick.

  4. Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway ARE JACK, KATE, and SAWYER. you stupid ass. show’s how much you really know about LOST.

    • Sorry, but I was not buying the story, and yes I agree the finale let much to be disired. I loved the first 3 seasons, then I thought they started straying too far. Great show however

  5. The thing about April fools jokes on the internet is that they’re around for long after April 1st! Alicia, readthisshit.com

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