A Message From My 2005 Self

I’m not really sure why, but after returning home from school and checking my Facebook, I suddenly remembered that I had a Livejournal account that I haven’t updated for a good five years.  I went back to see what was on it and it a lot of the stuff I rolled my eyes at.

I don’t even remotely resemble the person that I was six years ago.  So much has happened to me in that span of time to shape who I am now.  Some of the entries hurt me.  They were very hard to read and not want to strangle my younger self; to scream and berate that idiot for the blatantly obvious mistakes he was making.

I did find an entry though that was amusing.  It was my first week living in Winnipeg.  It was July of 2005 and I’d started my job at the Grant Park Liquor Mart and was enjoying being in the big city!  I hadn’t even turned 21 yet.  This is the entry, spelling mistakes, bad grammar, and giddy 20-year-old infatuation included 😉


So these past couple of weeks I’ve been renovating my new house in the city. We’ve been ripping out dog-piss-filled rugs and putting in hardwood flooring. And we just installed 2 sky-lights in the loft upstairs. The entertainment system is fully functional! (except for the record player which we’re still trying to hook up. I just bought Led Zepellin II, and a Robert Plant solo album on Vinyl) 🙂 This long weekend I’ve just been hanging out at my house in the city. Tonight I’m over @ my friend Lindsay’s house for a big party. We’ve been listening to his massive collection of mp3s and pounding back homemade concoctions. He gave me what he calls a Black Knight, it’s Kahlua, Rum and Coke. Very interesting. Although I missed out on Brendan’s 21st birthday in Morden cause I had to finish renovating stuff in the city. My parents and my brother are heading out to BC for the next 2 weeks so we wanted to get as much of the reno done on the house before they leave. So I’m kinda bummed about that. Last night I rented 5 movies from Jumbo Video and called Pizza Hotline for some pizzas and vegged out on the couch after working for about 12 hours straight on my house. 🙂 So that was fun. I start my first shift at the Liquor Mart @ Grant Park on the 11th, so that’ll be great. I’m pretty much done with Morden and Winkler!! So I wont be heading out that way for a long while. (save for this Thursday when I go see Tiffany and Jeremy in their play). Lindsay just handed me a Black Out, it’s Rum, Peach Schnapps, and Coke. It’s thus named because if you drink a few of them you’ll black out pretty easily . . . apparently) 😉 But yeah, I also went to see my friend Tim in his Fringe Festival play. He did a fantastic job. And Meghan . . . wow, she was . . . her character had to change from the unbearable sorrow of dealing with the fact that her husband was cheating on her with his bestfriend’s wife and that her husband killed his bestfriend when he found him in bed with his wife and then failed in an attempt to take his own life, and then she has to change to a brave outter facade for the rest of the world, and she did it so fluidly with every possible feature except for her eyes! They were breathtaking in their conveyance of utter sorrow. Her facial features, the tone of her voice and the way she held herself exuded confidence but her eyes told what her character was truly feeling inside. Meghan is a goddess!!! . . . anyway, I didn’t get to see her after the play and I doubt I’ll ever see her again because she’s moving to Toronto at the end of the month. I’ve been doing a lot of writing as well, oh and I just bought a couple new books, (Writer’s Guide to Writing Mysteries; Plot & Stucture; Code Blue: A Writer’s Guide to the ER, ICU and OR.) And I also bought Dante Alegrieri. But yeah, everybodies showing up to the party so I’ve g2g. 🙂 Everybody have a great evening.




6 thoughts on “A Message From My 2005 Self

  1. Aww loved reading this. I wish I’d wrote more things, or anything for that matter, when I was younger.
    You were quite organised in comparison to me in more than one way. I was all over the place ~)
    I have to ask, what happened next? How long did you stay at that address? Did the books serve you well, I gather you bought them with a idea of what you wanted from them in mind? Did you ever see or hear about Meghan again?
    Can you remember much about that party?.. hehe… I’m teasing, but can you? Lol xo

    • haha, thanks. 🙂 I’m actually still at that address. We’ve done tons of renovations and added another level. The books really helped with this crime novel that I was writing called “The Shadow In The Darkness.” And no, unfortunately I never heard from Meghan again. I remember that we were listening to “Click Click Boom” by Saliva at the party and watching episode of Space Invader Zim and Futurama. 😉

      • Hehe.. good memory! I couldn’t help but google the book title, I found the title by a women, is that you with a writers name or not? I’m so nosey sorry, how did it go. I’ve had a unusual life, so naturally I’ve always fantasised about writing a good story about it all… I took a year off work some years back now to write.. however, I am NOT disciplined enough, I had no idea how HARD it actually is until I tried, I’ve the upmost respect for those that push themselves hard enough to complete a project.. It’s really hard going 🙂

      • yah, it was never published but I did end up finding a book by the same name when I was browsing books in Chapters one day. I looked at the back cover and it’s nothing like my novel so I’m happy. 😉 it was probably that woman’s book.

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