Happy Single Awareness Day (or why I hate Valentine’s Day)

I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  Not because I’m a resentful single person (which I am) but more because it seems people only act romantic at this one point in the year.  But not the good kind of romantic.  It’s the clichéd bouquet-of-flowers-and-box-of-chocolates kind of romantic.

It seems like more of an obligation than anything else, and it takes away the whole meaning behind the day.  Me, I try to (when I’m in a relationship) live every day like it’s Valentine’s Day: being attentive, loving and basically just letting her know how important she is to me.  Maybe it’s just me, but it seems less romantic when it’s mandated.

On February 14th you HAVE to buy your girlfriend flowers, you HAVE to buy her chocolates and a card…

Basically, I think that Valentine’s Day is a holiday to make couples spend money and and make single people painfully aware that they’re single.

In summation…I hate Valentine’s Day.


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