A Date with Myself

Originally I’d planned to just go home and do some homework and then go to sleep.  But that would’ve been far too depressing.

So I took myself out on a date.  I went to the Millennium Library and rented a couple of books:

“Human Settlement” – about the history of … human settlements! 😉

“The Time Before History: 5 Million Years of Human Impact”

“Discovering God: The Origins of the Great Religions and the Evolution of Belief”

and a book on “Toltec Wisdom”

After which, I went to Baked Expectations and had dinner with myself.  When I said, “table for one” the guy seating me looked at me like I had some kind of incurable, contagious disease.  I ate my Triple Decker Grilled Cheese sandwich and fries while I read from “The Time Before History” and wrote down some notes in my notebook.

*I’m writing a novel about a stone-tool using tribe of hunters and gatherers on a tidally-locked planet orbiting a Red Dwarf star. (I think I’ve mentioned it in passing but yah, that’s why I took out those books)

And after dinner I had a wonderful walk home with myself where I listened to the entire ‘Year Zero’ album by Nine Inch Nails.  Gotta say, I actually had a wonderful Single Awareness Day.

And … if I play my cards right, I might be getting some action with myself later on. 😉

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