Rediscovered Video Games: Primal – (2003)

So I reached a point last night where I couldn’t think of doing anymore PR, Journalism, or Ad assignments yesterday and I decided to revisit my PS2 collection to see what I haven’t played in awhile.

I scanned down through my Jak and Daxter, Silent Hill, and the Kingdom Hearts games, but I’d played those all quite recently.  But near the bottom of the rack I found a game I hadn’t played in over 5 years!


(or, Tomb Raider on Acid!!)

An unbelievably intense game about a woman, Jennifer Tate, who follows a monster (that looks like a Rancor) to a place called the Nexxus after her boyfriend Lewis is attacked by said Rancor and taken there.

Once there she finds that her world is only one of many controlled by absolute good (Arela) and absolute evil (Abaddon) who reside in the Nexxus.  Abaddon’s forces are infiltrating other worlds and causing chaos.  Jen must go through each of the 4 worlds and bring balance to them.

In each world she is given powers to transform into a hybrid of that world.  (One world there’s massive Minotaur-like people, another world is a water world so she has to become a half-person half-fish, and then there’s a vampire world and finally a fire world.)

The production values in this game are unbelievable for 2003!  I was playing it yesterday (and part of today) and I just couldn’t believe the textures and the lighting; just beautiful!

Here’s some screenshots and cover art.

Interesting trivia re: Primal –

Primal features music from electronic band 16Volt and they have a cameo in the opening sequence as the band playing in the club.

The main character, Jen, is voice by Hudson Leick! (Geeks like me remember her as Callisto in Xena: Warrior Princess)

Jen’s gargoyle companion is voiced by Andreas Katsulas (or the One-Armed-Man from the Fugitive, OR G’Kar from Babylon 5)

Definitely recommend picking up this game!


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