What I Dreamed Last Night…

I’m in army fatigues running across an open plain.  Everything is brown, crisp and dead.  All the grass is swallowed by dirt and sand and small patches of fire are smoldering dismally around me.  I’m running along an unused railroad track whose wooden beams are rotted and mold covered.  Sparse straw colored shoots of grass stretch feebly upwards, toward the sky, but my foot lands on top of them pressing them into the hot, dusty earth.

On the horizon there are a few trees, spread out from each other.  All their leaves are dead and their gangly branches are stiff and arthritic and look as though they’d be obliterated even in a slight wind.

I continue alongside the train tracks through this desolate landscape.  The tracks lead me into a small town, or at least that’s what it used to be.  The buildings are demolished.  Rusted rebar is pressing through the skin of concrete basements.  Entire walls have collapsed and I can see into the degraded structures.  Some had once been homes, some businesses and others churches.

As I walk through the town I hear the sound of rain.  I look above me and the sky is bright and the sun is screaming its heat down upon me.  I follow the sound and find a woman standing on the second floor of what I assume had once been someones home.  She’s completely naked and washing herself.  But there’s nothing above her.  No faucet, no shower head, not even a bucket with holes in it.  Somehow it’s raining on her alone.  I can’t see where the rain is coming from, only that it is.

The woman is beautiful.  She’s oddly familiar yet I’m struggling to place where I know her from.  I get close enough to see a dot on her face, but I’m not sure if it’s a beauty mark or just dirt.  As I’m watching her she notices me and runs off.

“Wait!” I call after her, but she’s already gone.

I chase after the naked woman and when I turn the bend the town has disappeared and in front of me is a long pier leading out into dark, open water.  The water goes on for as far as I can see until it blends with the blue of the skyline.

I step out on to the rotted wooden pier.

Taking a few steps, the planks dissolve underneath me and I fall, flayling into the cold water below.  I thrash around wildly trying to reach the surface.  I look up and I see I’m nearly a hundred feet below the surface.

I’ll never get back there before I run out of air.

I’m panicking but I try to calm myself.  I realize I’m okay.  I’m not breathing, but somehow I don’t have to.  I relax and try to swim for the surface.  And then I feel a presence behind me; a massive presence that causes me to shudder.  I tentatively turn around and see a horrific leech, the size of four whales strapped together, swimming towards me.  Its skin is made of thick plates layered over top of each other and its wide gapping mouth is so big you could fit a city bus vertically inside it.

It races toward me with its mouth open.  It is going to swallow me whole, effortlessly.

At the last moment a monstrous Plesiosaur bites into its neck, knocking it off balance and pushes it away from me.

As I watch the two monstrous creatures fight, it makes me feel like I’m an amoeba or some other miniscule organism.  Their size is dizzying and the –

There’s a sharp pain in my arm and I turn to see my arm isn’t there anymore.  I was distracted by the two monolithic monsters attacking each other and I didn’t notice a smaller monster come up behind me.

I can see the fingers that used to belong to my hand are sticking out of the sea monster’s mouth.  It opens its mouth once more and the fingers disappear inside its gaping maw.

I try to swim for the surface with one arm, but I’m not moving at all.  I turn back and see that the monster is swimming towards me.

Although it’s smaller than the two monsters battling it out below us, this monster is still a good twenty feet long and can fit two of me easily inside its mouth.

It races closer and opens it mouth wide . . .


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