Novel Publication – CreComm Creative Writing Assignment

Author Matt Duggan talked about working on a manuscript for two years before his editor “put a bullet in it” and he started over again… that would suck.

As some one who has spent years on writing a manuscript, this is an author’s worst nightmare.  Maybe that’s why I keep “revising” my novels and haven’t sent them out to Publishing Companies.  To hear that something I’ve put so much effort and time into needed to be scrapped… that would be devastating. 

Maybe it’s cause I hate rejection, or maybe I’m a control freak, but I want my finished product to be something that I have complete creative control of.  My style may not be what is commercially viable, but does one want to strive to be commercially viable over being artistically viable?  There are some really crappy novels out there that are commercially viable (ahem, the certain protagonist-who-sparkles-in-the-daylight variety) and I mean, if your aim is to be a rich author I hear that vampires are big right now; but for myself I want to create something that someone will read and say: “that novel affected me!”

I spoke with Amanda Hope, because she did exactly what I’m hoping to do, self-publish.  I sat down with her last week and asked her a slew of questions that she was nice enough to spend her hour break answering.

She went with Art Bookbindery located by the RRC Notre Dame campus.  The smallest batches they do are of 50 books.  Amanda told me that they do they layout for you.  You can choose fonts and pictures and they have a fabulous designer, Yvonne, who put everything together for Amanda’s book “Pieces.”

It’s done in roughly 3 weeks.  It was $1200 for 150 copies with a simple layout (colour cover, black and white inside)  50% of the cost is due up front and the other 50% is due on delivery of the completed books.

This is definitely the way I’m going to go.  Thank you Amanda for all of your help with this, and I can’t wait to read your book!

Everyone should come down to her Book Launch at the Cre8ery across the street from the RRC Princess Street campus (125 Adelaide Street) on March 20th @ 7pm.  And make sure you buy a book to support her!  Only $15!!!

2 thoughts on “Novel Publication – CreComm Creative Writing Assignment

  1. You are so sweet! Thanks for the shout out hun. I can’t wait till I get to write about your first novel on my blog.

    If anyone – first-year CreComm or not – wants advice about writing a book, I’m just an email away. 🙂

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