Mission Statements (My Own, My PR Class, and My Magazine Group)

My Own:

To challenge people to question their perceptions about the world around them.  To affect as many peoples’ lives as possible, for the better. To create. To be. To experience everything there is to experience and leave a haggard-looking corpse.

My PR Class:

To make Kenton like Class 2 four times better than Class 1 and 3 combined thus entitling us to a Pizza Party with a circus, complete with elephants and tigers and that guy who comes around asking if we want peanuts; but no Clowns! Clowns piss me off.

My Magazine:

We sincerely believe in helping world-class investor return by questionable methods and functionality from the top down and to use big words in a flashy, trite, nonsensical way to make things sound more important than they actually are; in other words, we’re trying to be FOX News.

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