Europeans are “Pagan Losers” according to Stuart Varney of Fox News – Idiot!

Yes, I said he’s an idiot! But he’s a public figure in the states so HE has to prove that he’s not an Idiot, right? (at least that’s what I gathered from our Media Law seminar on Friday).  If I’m not I’m still confident that he’s an Idiot because of what he said on the O’Reilly Factor awhile ago.  He believes that because the European Union is secular-leaning, that influences their economic standing in the World.  And he goes on to describe them as “Pagan Losers.”

So of course he has to get some Priest, Father Jonathan Morris (who they introduce as a FOX News Contributor! *gag)

Father Morris ends up saying that “God” made us with “a special dignity” and said we were “bearers of certain rights and responsibilities.”  He argues that if a Nation rejects the idea of a God, then “what’s so special about human beings?”

NOTHING. There is nothing special about human beings!!!  It’s this hubris and arrogance that has made people believe that we’re entitled to do certain things with our planet because, … well it was created for us, for us to use!  Why not use it?

NO!! We are animals that evolved alongside all the other things on this planet and enjoy a symbiotic link with our animal brethren. (BUT rather than enjoying our link, we seem to enjoy poisoning it!)

The idea that we are somehow better, or more important than other things.  Now this is totally getting off the topic at hand, which is the relation between economic prosperity and religion…. *facepalm!


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