Ricky Gervais is AMAZING! (Golden Globes 2011)

Here’s some clips of Ricky Gervais’ controversial reign as host for the 2011 Golden Globes!

Personally, I thought they were hilarious and people should take themselves less seriously!  YOU’RE ACTORS!! I think the whole giving people arbitrary metal objects to denote some kind of personal achievement is tacky and borderline facetious.  BEST Actor!  How contrived is that.  Best to whom? In the world?  Really?  That’s a pretty bold statement considering how many films are made each year and most of them don’t receive any sort of real media coverage.  …that’s the end of my rant. 😉

Here’s Ricky ripping on celebrities. 🙂





2 thoughts on “Ricky Gervais is AMAZING! (Golden Globes 2011)

  1. 1) The Golden Globes are a Hollywood awards show, the “best actor” awards are for best performance of the year, not best actor in the world.

    2) Actors are not the only people who receive arbitrary metal objects for recognition of their accomplishments. Just about every profession has them.
    Isn’t this whole trend of ripping on awards shows getting a little old? No ones forcing us to care.

    • YAY someone commented! Thanks, Tim! 🙂

      Agreed. Every profession has it’s own arbitrary metal objects for recognition of accomplishments. *I guess I’m just bitter that my work in previous CreComm’s Short Films has gone unrecognized by the Academy. 😉

      Also true that no one is forcing us to care, I just like being negative. 😉

      How did you feel about Ricky Gervais’ jokes during the Globes?

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