You should by a lottery ticket every week! Here’s why…

The odds are astronomical that you might possibly someday win the lottery, so why try?  I would argue that there’s 100% change that you’ll win EVERY time, you just don’t exist in the Universe where you won.  But there is an alternate Universe where you DID win and are now enjoying a lavish lifestyle a la “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.”  No? You don’t remember Robin Leach? Google, my friends.  Google. 😉

But yes, every time you make a decision the Universe splits into multiple Universes where all possible outcomes of said decision are realized.  So there’s a Universe where you win, one where you don’t win, and one where you don’t buy a ticket at all  (and possibly millions of other variations of benign daily events).

The theory was popularized by 20th Century philosopher,  David Kellogg Lewis, who thought that (i) all possible worlds exist, (ii) every possible world is a concrete entity, (iii) any possible world is causally and spatiotemporally isolated from any other possible world, and (iv) our world is among the possible worlds.  (Modal Realism)

So if you buy into that logic there will be a Universe where you won the lottery.  There’s 100% chance that you’ll win, just not a 100% chance that you’ll exist in that specific Universe where that version of you won.

That is why I buy a lottery ticket every Friday for the LottoMax.

*Today I won $2!!  That’s a profit of -$4.  Woot!


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