Ouroboros – rough trailer for IPP project

So if you’re interested in what the film might look like before you want to get involved (I hope you get involved) here’s a rough trailer for my IPP film “Ouroboros”.

In this scene the character Alex Sunderland wakes up in an industrial nightmare of winding, claustrophobic passages and whirring machinery.

*Keep in mind this is a rough trailer and the audio is terrible because I edited it on Windows MovieMaker 😦 urgh!  So this is by no means the calibre of movie magic I’m hoping to output.  This is just an idea of how the shots may look and the gritty style I hope to continue throughout the rest of the film.

Let me know what you think.


2 thoughts on “Ouroboros – rough trailer for IPP project

  1. Joel, the industrial nightmare experienced by Alex works, particularly the shortness of shots, and the variety you’ve build into his walk….keep it up!

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