30 Photo Challenge – Day 1


Fifteen Facts About Myself:
1. Ever since watching an episode about the Far East on Romper Room when I was 4, I’ve been enamored with the whole Asian culture.

2. I secretly think I was actually Asian in a past life.

3. I believe in past lives.

4. I’m a carb-a-holic – I have eaten an entire loaf of French Bread as a meal and would gladly do it again.

5. I wanted to be a Jem-girl when I grew up. (“Me and my friends are Jem-girls, …Jem, Jem is my name”!) 😉 The only way my parents could get me to cut my hair was to say that I would get a Jem haircut.

6. I secretly wish that something Apocalyptic will happen so that I can live out my fantasy of being a protagonist in a Post-Apocalyptic world.

7. I enjoy watching really disturbing things and recording my reactions to them in my notebook. (I watched footage of a real autopsy from beginning to end while eating a plate of leftover spaghetti and writing in my notebook)

8. I’ve bought books that make me look intelligent and put them in my bookshelf but haven’t yet read them.

9. I used to write novels with a protagonist who was exactly like me who had a relationship with a female character solely because I was lonely.

10. I’m addicted to watching people hurt themselves on Youtube and laughing.

11. I illegally download music, but if I listen to it and really enjoy it, I go out and buy the CDs to support the artist.

12. I enjoy cracking my fingers.

13. I sometimes wish I could live in a tribal society and be a Shaman and just do a bunch of drugs and have ontological epiphanies and perform ceremonies around a fire.

14. I have an addictive personality and get addicted to the stupidest shit: ie. Mafia Wars, Failblog.org, McDonalds

15. The person guarding my personal secrets is a 85lb teenager holding a sign that says “Stop, well … whatever what do I care”, who hates his job and would let anyone by if they just ask.


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