Don’t worry Everyone, Global Warming isn’t a problem cause “God protects the Planet” … urgh …

Watching the Colbert Report tonight I was made aware of Rep John Shimkus’ comments regarding Global Warming.

How does someone so incredibly ignorant get into public office.  I know that often people will vote for politicians because of their religious values (which deeply urks me).  And speaking with people older than myself, I’ve seen a trend that they are more likely to vote for a politician who is a Church-going and devout Christian.  *Remember the outrage that Obama MIGHT have been a secret Muslim??  Which has NOTHING to do with how he would be as a President.  I think you should vote for people who believe in Science and are disinterested either way about religion and keep that in their personal life and exclude it from their political life.

Imagine what could be accomplished without dogmatic, ignorant, uneducated fuckwads running things…

What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Don’t worry Everyone, Global Warming isn’t a problem cause “God protects the Planet” … urgh …

  1. My buddy was in Seattle last weekend, and apparently people have effigies of Obama with a Hittler mustache. The wing-nuts demanded impeachment on street corners while carrying signs saying, “Down with the Zionists”

    Ya figure that one out??

    • Urgh, I hate those protesters!! Either they don’t know anything about Hitler and the Second World War, or they’re just trying to be assholes. I find it ironic that they’re bashing Obama for being Hitler-like, but in the same breath (er, signs) they have anti-Jewish slogans. I’m guessing a lot of them are Christians (Of course I don’t know for sure, I’m just guessing since it’s the U.S.) which is also hilarious, because the NEW Testament is only the New Testament because there was an OLD Testament!… And if you believe in Jesus, he was a Jew! That always blows my mind when Christians are anti-Semitic.

      I think everyone just needs to simmer the fuck down, read some books, and have educated, non-superstitious (read: rational) discussion on topics that effect the populous and leave the Iron Age mysticism in History books or as Literature.

      That’s just what I think.

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