Muppets, Eggnog and Procrastination (with a side helping of epiphany)

This weekend my girlfriend and I went  shopping for mits (which ended in us actually purchasing Muppet Christmas Carol instead) at Polo Park.  In the course of our travels we met a woman at The Bay fragrance counter who showed us a scent that she described as drift wood…. why would you ever want to smell like drift wood? 

“It’s woody” she said, ha, no shit.

It smelled faintly salty mixed with rotted wood and barnicles…I’m sure that wins lots of women over.  We went to Sephora instead and found an amazing cologne called The One, by Dolce and Gabana (my next fragrance purchase when I get enough money, or win the lottery; the lottery is looking more plausable)

Rather than trudging through the pre-Christmas crowds we decided to get coffees and share a White Chocolate Brownie at Moxies and then got some Eggnog and Sourdough bread from Safeway to enjoy while we watched a Muppet Christmas Carol!

It was a wonderful night, but not much homework was done.  The next day also showed a marked lack of homework completion…The Walking Dead was on after all (and the rest of the day before it was just a lead up to watching it…that’s my excuse) 😉 

My epiphany happened when I came to the College early this morning and stood in line at Tims for my morning coffee and Chesse Bagel B.E.L.T…at which point I realized that I didn’t want a Cheese Bagel B.E.L.T.  I realized that I was getting sick of having the same thing for months and that made me think…how sick of Mammoth meat early humans would be. Or would they?  Are we just so self-indulgent and affluent that we can decide that we’re “sick” of a kind of food we have too often.  Right now there are people in the world who would give anything to eat the same thing, day in and day out, as long as it was edible.  I still didn’t get the B.E.L.T though…I don’t know if that makes me a hypocrite, but I was really feeling like a Cheese Croisant…

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