Sesame Street, Mafia Wars, Coffee and other things I’m addicted to…

Sesame Street turns 41 today!  I’m following them on Twitter: @sesamestreet   They told me to celebrate by changing my Facebook photo to my favourite character from the show.  So who did I pick?  The two-headed monster!  I don’t remember if they ever gave him (them?) a name.  But I just called him “awesome”!

In other news, not only am I addicted to coffee, movies and PDA, but now my brother got me addicted to Facebook games.  Specifically FrontierVille and Mafia Wars!  :S  So yah, I’m now finding myself excited that my “energy points” in Mafia Wars are high enough that I can continue doing “jobs”, urgh, I think I may need help.

Anyway, happy birthday, Sesame Street!


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