Guerrilla Ontology radio show – Archives!

The October and November episodes of Guerrilla Ontology are up on the KICKFM website And here’s the direct link to the page.

Listen to past inteviews with Alex White, Jaremy Ediger, Jordan Nickel, Jess Chapman, Tiffany Lachuta, the band Tinnitus,  and of course all the thought provoking topics like Morality without God, Population Control among others.

And of course to make sure to continue tuning into the show every Thursday at 6pm on 92.9KICKFM

2 thoughts on “Guerrilla Ontology radio show – Archives!

  1. Please do!! Anytime other than this Thursday (since it’s Remembrance Day and I’ll be doing my RD assignment and there won’t be a show) just let me know and I’ll have you on! 🙂 It was so much fun. Can’t wait to do it again.

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