BODIES…The Exhibit (A Review)

On Oct. 23rd I went to BODIES…The Exhibit. I finally found some time, I’ve been wanting to go since I wrote that streeter about it. So how was it?

Creepy. Not a bad creepy or offensive creepy, but definitely an unusual experience. You almost forget that all the specimens once belonged to a human being. It was quite unnerving to see vocal chords and reproductive organs, and a room filled with fetuses at various stages of development.

Extremely fascinating, but every time I saw a specimen I would wonder what the person who owned that appendage was like. What were their hopes and dreams, or fears and anxieties? What was their story? I started making up stories for every body. There was a display set up with a skeleton holding hands with all the the muscles that would be over top of the skeleton, and I wondered: “What if the person who owned the skeleton, and the person who owned the muscles hated each other in real life, and now they are forced to hold hands in a traveling display?” I read further and found that the skeleton and the muscle belong to THE SAME PERSON!

Now that’s far more epic than my story! That man’s skeleton is holding hands with his own muscular systems! NUTS!

There was a display set up for the reproductive organs and there was a cross section of a male and female pelvic area… They had a layered effect with the skin, starting with the epidermis and moving down to fatty tissue, then muscle, and then the organs underneath the muscle. But the most disturbing thing about it was the whole exterior of the female reproductive organs were preserved…that’s some dead person’s genitals in a display case. That really tripped me out.

All in all it was an extremely fascinating exhibit and I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s amazing to see how our bodies are put together and the things that exist inside us.

2 thoughts on “BODIES…The Exhibit (A Review)

  1. I just got back from the bodies exhibit! Definitely did the same as you, I think the most interesting part is wondering who the person used to be…

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