The Wicker Man – A Review

Hopefully you all enjoyed the “Best of The Wicker Man” youtube clip I posted up.  In fact, those weren’t all of the “Best” clips from the movie!  It was an absolutely terrible film. 

Very little about this film is good, which makes it an amazing movie.  The acting is atrocious; the plot is marred with inconsitencies and a weird prologue that never really gets resolved, (or they just forgot about getting back to it).  The basic story is that Nicholas Cage is a burnt out Patrol Cop who gets a letter from an ex asking for him to help her find her daughter who went missing on this island that she lives on but she knows that she is still on the island…When he arrives he finds that the people living on the island are all members of this cult where they believe the island is an entity and they live their lives like a colony of bees, with a Queen and all the women are in power and the men act like Drones…they try to mislead Nicholas Cage through the whole first half of the movie.

I don’t know about you, but from that lead up I totally called the rest of the movie!  I even said to my roommates while we were watching it: “The girl is actually his daughter; she was never missing; it’s all a rouse to get him there to sacrifice him to their god because of their last harvest of honey was bad and they want to appease their god.”  And I was right on all counts. 

So basically the story is that this woman left the island, found Nicholas Cage, had a couple year relationship with him, got pregnant by him and then 5 years after that (that’s how old the daughter looked anyway) she mails him a letter asking him to come to the island so he can be sacrificed… a little far fetched I should say.

I remember when Nicholas Cage used to be bad-ass.  (Maybe he never was and I just thought he was cause I was in High School)…  But in any case, you should really watch this movie since it’s absolutely hilarious!

Notable scenes: When Nicholas Cage slowly walks up to Sister Berta the Inn Keeper and punches her out… hahaha, so random!  Or when he has a dream, wakes up from that dream, only to instantly realize he’s still dreaming and wake up from that dream and shouts: “GOD DAMMIT!!” hahaha

Notable Quote: “Killing me wont bring back your god-damn honey!” hahahaha


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