RED – A must see.

Last night I went to see RED with my brother and Dad.  Wasn’t quite sure what to expect but the whole movie from beginning to end was fantastic!  It’s about these Retired Extremely Dangerous persons (RED) who are now being targeted for assassination and they band together to find out who’s trying to kill them.  Bruce Willis’ character has been calling this woman (Mary-Louis Parker) who works at the business where he gets his Pension Checks from (he rips up the checks and says he hadn’t received them yet just to talk to her) and they’ve been having some back and forth pseudo-romance on the phone before Bruce Willis’ character gets attacked in the night by a hit-squad and he fears for Parker’s safety so he goes to her apartment to “rescue” her but ends up just kidnapping her.  From there they connect with some of Bruce’s old spy friends (Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, Brian Cox with a Russian accent) who have also been targeted.  It’s a wonderfully entertaining movie and I recommend everyone who has some free time this weekend and $10 for the ticket go see it!  John Malkovich totally steals the show as an paranoid, LSD-fried, Ex-CIA agent.  Such a great role, and he does an amazing job in it.  Definitely recommend.  Here’s the trailer:

Pure awesomeness @ 1:40  This movie has the most amazing action sequences!


2 thoughts on “RED – A must see.

  1. I actually drove passed the premiere of Red while I was in L.A. There were so many people on the red carpet though that I couldn’t pick out anyone individually.

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