Yanko Design – Incense Lights

Incense sticks play such an important role in our spiritual life; they exude a sense of well-being, peace and calmness when we light them. Keeping this in mind and taking inspiration from their soft glowing tips, Yanko Designs has come up with – Incense Stick Mood Lights. A bunch of them charge in a base station and can be placed individually or collectively. The only way I can think of improving on this idea would be to add some kind of scent emitter…making it a total replica of the real thing!

2 thoughts on “Yanko Design – Incense Lights

  1. Those are amazing + would brighten up so many little spots that seems so like they are impermeable to light.

    Nevermind beautiful table settings- I have a closet I blindly grab things out of.

  2. I wish there was some place where I could buy these. I’m sure I could order it from Yanko Design, but I’m sure the shipping alone would make the cost astronomical. 😦 I should really be living in Tokyo!

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