Yanko Design you’ve done it again! – Perfect Cup

Sven MILCENT & the Utopik Design Lab have done it! They’ve taken our entire collected evolution of cup-making and holding of drink history and combined it into one cup. One cup to hold them all. This is “One Glass for Every Drink” and it’s made to work for everyone. It of course tends to the four main glass-specific types of drink: water, cognac, wine, and champagne. It uses the same head and a different base for each of these. Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Let’s have a sip or two and converse.

This isn’t the first interchangeable base cup we’ve had here on Yanko, and it wont be the last. It’s a fantastic idea and deserving of a slew of attempts at it in order to make it perfect. Here’s one with some really fabulous ideas, and rather elegant ones if I do say so myself.

And while we’re at it, I’ve got to say that my favorite drink glass in the world must be the snifter – looked after here closely by that cognac glass on it’s side. Very sassy. Very nice. Very on it’s side where it definitely aught to be, havin a great time.

Designer: Sven MILCENT & Utopik Design Lab


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