Preview of tomorrow’s Guerrilla Ontology

Tomorrow’s topic for Guerrilla Ontology is population control.  Here’s a video of moron Laura Ingraham completely missing the point when she sits in for Bill O’Reily on “The Factor” with guest Canadian journalist Diane Francis.

I do realize that the title is “Laura Ingraham PWNS Diane Francis on China’s ONE CHILD Policy” …  docdetroit2006 must be a moron too.


One thought on “Preview of tomorrow’s Guerrilla Ontology

  1. Wow, I’d like to hope Laura Ingraham really isn’t that ignorant and is making these outlandish, bigoted comments in an effort to stir up controversy and increase viewership.

    Unfortunately, I highly doubt that…because she pulled the cross out at the end.

    Great post! Will definitely listen in to your segment tomorrow.

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