Just a thought…

Are we living a slightly lagged existence?  It takes a brief amount of time for our brain to perceive the stimuli from our senses so are we seeing things as they actually are?  Or are we actually seeing things as they used to be fractions of seconds ago?  In other words, things have already happened, but we’re only perceiving them now… anyone else have any thoughts on this?


One thought on “Just a thought…

  1. It’s the same question that pops up when one performs the “cutaneous rabbit” experiment. Person A holds out her arm and looks the other way. Person B taps Person A’s arm with equal intervals/equal pressured taps with a sharp pencil; five times at the wrist, three times near the elbow, and twice near the shoulder. The effect Person A feels becomes the sensation of a little rabbit scampering up her arm.

    Question is: How does the brain know where to put the second, third, and fourth taps when the tap on the elbow hasn’t occurred yet?

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